Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #389 - Week 02/04/15

erschsnwWell as last week the east coast was slammed with snow we here in the Midwest were as well on Sunday, in fact it was a full out blizzard. And not the kind you get for dessert at Dairy Queen.  The storm didn’t drop as much snow as it did in Boston but still enough to make most of us pretty darn tired from trying to keep up with it as it fell.  With more snow in the forecast I’m looking forward to an early spring. News/Article Links: EESF Launches New Website EW Unplugged: Bicycle Powered Elevator CEA Meeting Feb 5th EESF – Conduct a Workplace Campaign Elevator and Water damage Seoul Metro ordered to compensate man who lost toes EURO-LIFT Poland Recap Workers punished after curbing non-union elevator shop OSHA to investigate after worker crushed by construction lift Construction worker killed after falling down shaft NY State elevator inspector suspected of golfing on the job charged Woman injured in fall from escalator EX CEO filmed kicking a dog in elevator charged with cruelty