Elevator Radio Show 482 - Week 10/11/17


Three stories on today’s show highlight the need for the EESF and the distribution of its safety programs to kids and parents. While two accidents occurred in China, one was here in the California. There are few details to share about the one in our backyard but anytime first responders are required for an extraction it’s never a good thing. Parents, this message is to you. Kids are curious and want to explore, I know because I have three boys.  You can’t keep them safe from everything and learning through their actions is a significant tool as they grow. However with that said it is your responsibility to recognize that attention to them around escalators, elevators, weed wackers, lawn mowers, potatoes guns or anything else that is mechanical or moves needs special care to use.  If you’re in this industry tell the world about safety and how to ride elevators and escalators safely and what to do if the equipment does not operate as it was designed to.