Elevator Radio Show 470 - Week 05/31/17

I was truly honored and humbled to have been part of the first ever Elevator Safety Summit. I’d like to thank Bob Shepherd, Emerald McGehee, Felicity Wilkinson, Jack Day for putting together an event that did nothing but talk about how to make the work place a safer one.  Dave Turner did an excellent job introducing the presenters and it was truly refreshing to see something like this focus entirely on safety.  It also was the perfect way to honor the memory and passion of Bob Caporale Sr who did everything he could to promote our industry and make it safer.  His loss has created a hole which will be difficult to fill for so many of us.  I could feel Bob’s spirit last week in so many of you whom I spoke with. 

At the close of the summit task groups were formed to focus specifically on safe working practices in a variety of high risk work related areas.  What started out as an idea became a reality last week, one that I personally hope leads to zero fatalities as well as injuries in and around the equipment we work on.  Congratulations Bob Shepherd on putting together a first class event.  Thank you for including me, I look forward to the work that completed to make our workforce safer. I also want to thank so many of you who stopped me to say hi. I appreciate it and it’s you that keep me going each week.  Stay “Safety Pinned” everyone.