Next Show 7/19/17

I appreciate everyone’s patience in getting the show back online. It’s been a tough month as months go with my wife going into the hospital for a week the 3rd week in June. I haven’t had the chance to post on the show website about why the show hasn’t been up and online since for a month and for that I apologize. For those of you who have been wondering and have sent me emails and texts about Tiffany and the show I greatly appreciate it.  My beautiful bride is making a full recovery and I’m grateful she’s where she is today.

In addition to this travel, work and vacation schedules have made it extremely difficult to fit a show in. If you’re a long time listener and part of the Elevator Radio Show Family you’ll remember the reason for producing the show at 2 am each Wednesday is because I simply didn’t have any other time between work and family to do so.  While this week was the week I was supposed to be back, I’m covering for a few people on vacation this week and head up to northern Wisconsin for a Memorial Presentation for project I’ve been involved with for over a year.

No excuses here, I just felt I owed it to you all for some type of explanation. I care about the ERS show and bringing it to you each week and will be doing so next Wednesday. Thank you for listening each week and for being there.