NAESA Launches Elevator Code Associate 101 Training Course

ERS Week 10/10/18 - Sorry but there’s no show today. It’s been a busy week and even though I’m up early at work trying to get a jump on the day when the alarm went off at 2 am to get up I simply needed a couple of more hours of sleep.  Instead of the show I’m sharing an email I received from NAESA International and the new Codes Course they are offering. Details are below and I think it’s an excellent way of providing a good introduction in how to navigate and apply them to the work we all do. Contact NAESA for more information.

NAESA International   "In the Public Interest"

NAESA International

"In the Public Interest"


NAESA International has launched a new training course titled, “Elevator Code Associate 101 (ECA).” This course will be offered throughout North America, ether privately at a company’s facility or open to all at a public venue. ECA is intended to deliver a basic introductory familiarization of codes, guides and reference material associated with Elevator, escalator and accessibility lifts.

ECA 101, is not intended to deliver an in-depth knowledge of codes and guides, nor precisely how to navigate them. Rather, ECA 101 will acquaint the newly positioned administrator, manager, code official, board or committee member, sales person with the code books and guides that soon will become essential to their success.
Topics include: the purpose and types of equipment, how codes and guides are applied, strategic definitions and code book layout, understanding statutes, laws and rules. A few of the codes being reviewed are, ASME A17.1 and 18.1, National Fire Protection Association, and International Building Code, just to name a few.

No continuing-education units will be given in conjunction with the ECA 101.
Is ECA 101 for you, if you recently found yourself being part of the elevator world and have no formal training in all the associated codes that belong to this discipline, yes then, this is your way of avoiding some hard knocks soon to be in your path.

For more detailed information, contact NAESA at (360) 292-4968.