To our American Veterans


Veterans Day celebrates and honors the service, sacrifice and enduring achievements of living Americans who served our nation in uniform. At home and abroad, during times of both war and peace. We should not only honor our service members past and present, but the family members who supported you when you were called to defend our nation’s freedoms and after you came home — often dealing or struggling with issues as a direct result of your service to our great country.

When the world is threatened, it calls on America, and we call on our service members who serve without question and without delay. You served as our protectors and defenders, war fighters, peacemakers and peacekeepers. You were the guardians of the greatest social and political experiment the world has ever known, representative democracy.

We are privileged to live in the United States where the cost of freedom, is not free; it has been paid for by the sacrifices of the men and women like yourselves who have served and fought for the flag of our nation and all it represents. On this special day we want to give a special thanks to you and to your families for your service and sacrifice in defending the freedom and liberty that we all enjoy. We are privileged to honor you, the American Veteran. Thank you for your service.