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ihubIf you're driving around this weekend, (4/25- 4/26) turn your radio on to your local NPR station and you might just get to listen to a fun interview I had with Kara Miller, Host and Executive Director of Innovation Hub. In Boston it will be on at 10 am and around the country at various other times throughout the weekend. If you miss it don't worry, simply click on the blog post or various audio links below.  It's truly a fun program and I encourage you to subscribe to their podcast for future segments.

EESF Launches Re-branding Campaign for Safe-T Rider Program

11-4-14-1A significant gift of $10,000 has been made by Ricia Hendrick in memory of her father, William C. Sturgeon, to support the re-branding campaign for the Safe-T Rider program. Listen to the interview with Nikole Layton and Tom Sybert. Last month, EESF announced that the cornerstone education program, Safe-T Rider, that teaches children to ride elevators, escalators and moving walks safely, would be re-branded and debuted in Fall 2015. The project will include the design of a new character or characters, enhancement of the print and Internet-accessible materials and the addition of educational apps. This is a very exciting change for the Foundation, and we are looking forward to seeing how the new program will develop!

The total cost of the new program design will be $150,000. Years ago, a fund was established for the Foundation by Mr. Sturgeon, a leading pioneer in our industry, specifically for the development of new programs and the modernization of existing ones. The only stipulation is that matching funds must be raised for any amount released. For this campaign, $75,000 has been released from the fund and EESF is working to raise the additional $75,000 to begin our project.

We need your help to make this happen. Every dollar gets us closer to the $75,000 goal! To make a donation or for more information contact Nikole Gore-Layton, or 251-479-2199. DONATE NOW

THANK YOU TO OUR CAMPAIGN DONORS Ricia Hendrick, in memory of William C. Sturgeon C.J. Anderson & Company Elevator Association of Florida Will Layton, in honor of all the kids educated by the EESF

Post: April 20th, 2011: ERS-2011-04-20 #250 Show Notes

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Snow on Monday here in the Windy City has me wondering if Spring will ever come! We’ve got a good show today, light on news content but I’ve got some good comments via e-mail to share. I really appreciate the handful of responses I received regarding last weeks “Call for Help”. If you haven’t listened to last weeks show yet please take a moment to do so. What’s covered in the first 25 minutes is important to everyone in our industry. For those of you in North Carolina, our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were in the path of the tornado's that touched down over the weekend. Scary stuff and a reminder how helpless we can all become when mother nature decides to show her power.

News/Article Links: Union faults Camden County Jail’s elevators Suspect sought in fatal elevator shooting: NYC Sister trapped in elevator for 4 nights Elevator/Escalator Safety in India Trends in elevators, building systems will be watched Need some elevator/escalator rescue training? Secret car elevator at mansion Railway station escalator project gets nod OPP investigate sexual assault in elevator Hospital staff rescued after elevator fire Elevator project closer to reaching goal Escalator jump wrecks mall kiosk/stall Eric the great Mod Mechanic Bad hoist ropes – Scary! Puduraya reopens doors to public despite unfinished work This guy should be sued Penn Station escalator suddenly stops, injures 3 people EW Unplugged: Something you don’t see every day Economic Outlook Welcome to Washington School Elevator – Needs some work! CEA Educational Certificates e-mailed last Friday Courthouse Metro escalators cause daily headache Napanee girl assaulted in elevator Register for EW’s Free Virtual Elevator Exhibit - $15,000 In Prizes & Giveaways EIGSC Interesting Speaker Navigating Social Media UTC to report 1Q Earnings

Post: September 15th, 2010: ERS-2010-09-15 #220 Show Notes

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Great show today everyone and it’s not the articles or my commentary that make it so. After covering a legal article on last weeks show I received a phone call from Stephen Carr from Technology Litigation Corp. who had been involved in the case. I was lucky enough to catch up with him yesterday morning while he was in Chicago attending an elevator code session and he shared some background on the case along with his insightful perspective. After recording it I honestly had a pit in my stomach after listening to the tragic details. I appreciate Stephen taking the time to share his perspective on the case and encourage others out there to do the same. When cases are settled out of court the lessons learned from an accident are typically sealed as part of the settlement. In the cases I’ve been involved with I’ve always shared the lessons I’ve learned in hopes that making the equipment that is manufactured, maintained, and inspected is safe for everyone to ride on. At the very least share them with your coworkers and mechanics so that steps can be taken to attempt to prevent them in the future.

For more information please contact Stephen via e-mail at at Technology Litigation Corporation. The original article that he is speaking about can be found by clicking the following link: DC Court of Appeals side with building/elevator company in elevator death

News Links: Stephen Carr TLC Comments On This Article Movie “Devil” Review – this one we have got to see Caples Elevator Malfunction Again City of Chicago Elevator Inspections Chart YSU Elevator Falls – Great Reason for Rise Up Safe Rider Rise Up Safe Rider – College Student Program HAL 9000 Elevator Button ECS Announces New Website West LA Elevator Hydro Causes Smoke YSU Elevator Accident Triggers Probe GW dorm evacuated due to smoke YSU Freshman tried to help students trapped in elevator Neat Old House for sale with private elevator How to prevent escalator accidents at airport –in Nigeria KONE changes executive board and organization New NY-NJ Tunnel too rich for NJ’s Blood YSU elevator overload could have caused fall After renovations and elevator, Civic Center to be rededicated AOL’s preview of elevator Faulty elevator leads to heated exchange LEGO Elevator Metro Song raps about escalator problems Schindler Elevator wins Mexico City Metro contracts Small Talk Ignored in Elevator Ride

Post: March 3rd 2010: ERS-2010-03-03 #194 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2010-03-03 #194 I just got back from the EESF Annual meeting in Atlanta and wanted to get this show posted. I’ve got a great one today. In addition to covering some the important events on our calendar I’ll be sharing the interview I recorded last week with Dan Zeitz, inventor of the Time Out Jumper. I give Dan a lot of credit for getting his idea out of his head and out on the market, with the help from Wurtec, Inc. So the show format will be simple events and Dan’s interview. Spread the word about this device, it’s simple, safe and makes sense. Wurtec has donated one for our March Prize Pack give away so make sure you are signed up for our e-newsletter to be eligible to win.

Calendar Of Events: NAESA Calendar NAEC Calendar NAVTP Calendar EIG SC Calendar CEA Calendar EAF Calendar ECNY Calendar CECA Calendar EESF Calendar Elevator U Calendar MESA Calendar NCEIG Calendar

Interview Product Link: Time Out Jumper Product Link

Post: February 3rd 2010: ERS-2010-02-03 #191 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2010-02-03 #191 Congratulations to the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation for surpassing the half way point of educating 700,000 kids.   Today on the show I’ll be sharing an interview with Mike Ryan, current Chairman of the Board for the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation. This interview was recorded last Tuesday.  Mike explains what the EESF has been up to this past year and how we can all help.  I appreciate Mike taking the time out of his busy schedule to stop in!

After the interview I'll get into the show news content. There are a couple of stories worth reading. The first covers a story down in Atlanta at MARTA and is worth sharing with others in your company. While all the details have not been released a complete report is due out in 30 days that hopefully will help shed some more light on the situation. Thanks everyone for tuning in to the show today!

Listener Links: Support the EESF! They Have Reached 368,868 Kids So Far! Comment talking about escalator accidents - Scroll down to bottom of page Peelle Freight Doors

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Post: April 15th, 2009: ERS-2009-04-15 #154 Show Notes

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Great show today everyone as I'll be sharing with you the interview that was recorded on April 3rd with the NAEC. Special guests; Executive Director Teresa Shirley, President Steve DeGrenier and Board Member Mike Klehr all stopped by to talk about what's been happening at the NAEC. I really enjoyed our time together and quickly realized that the NAEC does an excellent job at bringing as much bang for the buck to all of its members. This is a great interview and I appreciate them taking the time to stop in! If you're not already a member of the NAEC I encourage you to join. In addition to the great networking opportunities there's a very good chance you'll pay for your membership with the savings from some of the business programs that are offered. Visit today or give them a call at 1-800-900-6232.

Post: June 11th, 2008: ERS-2008-06-11 #121 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2008-06-11 #121 We will be skipping over Elevator News on the show today. Instead I share with you my interview with David Cooper, from LECS, UK.  I spoke with David a week and a half ago regarding his escalator accidents research report, The Lift Academy, The University of Northampton and the Lift & Escalator Industry Charity. David presented his Escalator Accident paper at the NAVTP Conference in May and had some important information to share. It was also nice to hear about the other endeavors he's been involved with too. Next week I'll be attending the Elevator U Conference which will be held in Arizona. I'm looking forward to that and will do my best to kick a show out from the road. Thanks for joining us today everyone. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Click The Link Here To Dowload David's Research Paper: accidents-on-escalators-involving-trolleys-msc-final-dissertation1

Interviewee Links: LECS, UK Lift Academy Press Release From Elevations Magazine Elevator & Escalator Accident Investigation and Litigation Book  University of Northampton

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Listener/Other Links: EESF Chicago Cruise - Sponsorship and Registration Form Here!

Post: July 11th, 2007 - ERS-2007-07-11 #79 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2007-07-11 #79Great show today everyone. We'll be covering the weeks news stories relating to elevators and as a special treat have an interview to share. Special guest Joe Morrissey of Elevator Consulting Associates joins me on the show to talk about elevator accidents and what our industry needs to prevent future ones from happening. It's a topic that's been swept under the rug for a long time. We'd love to hear from you on this topic whether you're a mechanic, contractor, supplier or inspector. Listen to the show and please share your comments with us via e-mail or voice mail, 847-331-5343!

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Listener Links: Sun Blamed For Dropped Cell Phone Calls

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Post: May 30th, 2007 - ERS-2007-05-30 #73 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2007-05-30 #73 On the show today are some great news stories you need to print out, a great interview and we're giving away a prize pack! What more can you ask for? I had the opportunity to interview Terri Emmons last week, President of Elevator U , formerly known as VTCCU. Terri does a great job explaining what Elevator U is all about. The 10th Annual Elevator U Conference is fast approaching, June 18-21 and will be hosted by The University of Maryland (Martin Culp) and the Smithsonian Institution (Chip Albertson). If you haven't already signed up to attend get your registration in today!

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Listener Links: Can You Tell What These Mechanics are Repairing? Be The First One To Guess Correctly and Win a Cool Elevator Bob's Pictures Coffee Mug!

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Post: May 23rd, 2007 - ERS-2007-05-23 #72 Show Notes

  Click Here to download ERS-2007-05-23 #72 On the show today we've got elevator news and an author. I had the opportunity to interview John O'Donoghue, coauthor of the new book, Elevator and Escalator Rescue a Comprehensive Guide. Not only a great book for firefighters it also is a great reference for any elevator professional. It truly provides a unique firefighters perspective on elevators and escalators. I was surprised at how much I learned from it. I'll be giving a way a copy of it in Mays prize pack giveaway along with an emergency radio. Please take the time this Memorial Day to remember those soldiers who have lost their lives to defend our freedom. Also take the time to thank a veteran for serving.

Interview Links Elevator and Escalator Rescue a Comprehensive Guide The Elevator World Book Store Pennwell Books

News Links: Airline Worker Dies From Elevator Accident (luggage elevator) SA Hands Elevator Over To Landry's South Beach Elevator Operating Again ID Woodward Loft Project Features Euro Elevators Germ Warfare From Overreaction News Elevator That Killed OSU Student To Run Soon Trolley Stop Ills Not Easy To Fix Library Elevator Installation Slated For June Developer Selects Otis For Mall In Behrain Suspects Sought After Elevator Attack at UCLA  Police Blotter Import/Export Report Out

Click Here to download ERS-2007-04-11 #66

Post: October 11th, 2006 - ERS-2006-10-11 #42 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2006-10-11 #42 This show includes an exclusive interview with Barbara Allen, Executive Director of the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation. We talk about what's going on at the EESF, the upcoming Elevator Escalator Safety Week November 12-18th and how we all can help! It's a show you don't want to miss.  To get ready for the Elevator Safety Week click here!   We're only a month away!  Thanks to all the new subscribers to our newsletter and for spreading the word! Our family of listeners is growing thanks to you. Next week we'll get back to our elevator news oriented show and will have lots to talk about. Thanks for listening everyone. 

Links:   NAESA Calendar,   NAEC Calendar,  EIG SC Calendar,  CEA Calendar, EAF Calendar,  ECNY Calendar, Start Planning For National Elevator Escalator Safety Week

Post: March 8th, 2006 - ERS-2006-3-08 #13 Show Notes

Click here to download ERS-2006-3-08 #13 This is a show you don't want to miss. I am lucky enough to interview both Teresa Shirley, Executive Director and Ed Chmielewski, President of the National Association of Elevator Contractors. We had a great time talking about the history, the benefits and why you should join the NAEC! We're skipping the E-Bay items portion of the show so you can enjoy the interview. If you have any questions or would like information on joining the NAEC please visit !

Links: NAESA Calendar, NAEC Calendar,   NAVTP Events,   VTCCU Atlanta ,   EIG Events,   Power Outage Starts Elevator Fire,   United Technologies (Otis Parent) Projecting 45M,   Hitachi Unveils Circulating Elevator,   Wake Forest Entrepreneur Elevator Competition,   Courthouse Elevator Could Cost 650k, Washington DC Elevators Lack Licenses,   Londerry Project Seeks Elevator Exemption,   The Great Space Elevator,   No Bomb Found  In Elevator,   Otis In Kuwait,   Take the Stairs Day,   Power Outage Adds Some Spark of Lift At Retirement Village,   Champion Purchased By Alimak,   E-Bay & Elevator Keys,   Elevator Mechanics Wanted,   Washington Metro Elevators/Escalators,   Salvaged Building Materials, Demolition Depot-Old Elevator Stuff , Thank You NAEC! , Thank You Elevator World Magazine !