AL Elevator Death Report Released

Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #349 - Week 11/13/2013

Click Here to download ERS-2013-11-13 #349 eesfsllogoHappy Elevator Escalator Safety Week! Some articles on the show definitely point to the need for safety education so do your part in spreading the word. Those of you out there who are Veterans, thank you for everything you did for our country. I forgot to do this on last week’s show. We will never forget all that you did for our country. As you kick off your holiday shopping, and if you’re like me and do it online, consider using the Good Search page through the EESF website. A portion of your purchases from the participating shops will go back to the EESF. New/Article Links: AL Releases elevator death report Safety controls overriden NEII® The Insider: Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities Girl killed in elevator accident - UAE EESF Safety Week Cargill sued by family of worker who died Elevator, escalator accidents more than you think Time to think safety Enter to win a beautiful handmade quilt and support the EESF Old Otis Selector video Carter gets to experience elevators in Roanoke Rag fire on escalator reported at Metro station Elevator accident nearly servers man’s hand 2013 Interlift Exhibition Metro escalator replacement takes longer than…. EU Exhibits at MAPPA & MiAPPA NY Company offers elevator violation copy service Shop and help the EESF! Roofer falls down elevator shaft Seniors show lack of gratitude?