Baby Born in Elevator

Post: February 8th, 2012: ERS-2012-02-08 #285 Show Notes

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Back from Atlanta, and have a full report on the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation Annual General Meeting. Great to see the everyone who attended. While I was only in for the one day meeting I’ve got a general report to give on the important items that you should know. Other than that, we’ve got a good show today with some pretty interesting articles. As always, thanks for tuning in and for sharing the links of the program with your coworkers and friends.

News/Article Links: MESA Update ThyssenKrupp comes to Chicago Courthouse elevators operating after repairs EW: Unplugged Photos of the Week Two-Stop Elevator Exemption Notifications: Florida China: Authorities probe Beijing escalator accident that kills boy Perhaps the EESF needs an international presence I declare today: Stair Day – Is there a card for that? Another baby delivered in an elevator Mitsubishi to develop ultra-high-speed elevator 4 Month Year Old Dies at City Center mall: India Two up, one down at Foggy Bottom Oh the irony, stuck in elevator, then stuck again Elevator Cable Snaps???? Shame on you I-Team Malls to install Safety plates along escalators Man dies in fall off casino escalator Break an elevator button: Get charged China: Residents worried as elevators stall, fall Man falls to death after elevator doors open to empty shaft Former employee alleges racially hostile work environment Death by elevator: interesting blog post Focus on escalator safety in India after accident Otis “Touch” Button Information Press conference of elevator mechanic indictment Not sure what this one means. What’s M2M? Support the EESF Today!