CA sends out warning letter

Elevator Radio News - Video/Audio Show #295 – Week 05/16/2012

Click Here to download ERS-2012-05-16 #295 It's like a bad dream that keeps popping up in my head and it's hard to be optimistic when reading some of today's articles. Can someone tell me when it's going to end? Connect the dots with a few of the stories on today's show and you'll see the apparent issues that our industry is facing. Safety devices being jumped out, shoddy elevator maintenance, elevators running with the doors open, a worker dies in an elevator shaft.  Keep in mind that these are just on ONE show.  These appear to be just the tip of the iceberg as I receive e-mails from concerned elevator advocates who share their stories which further terrify me.  I'm starting to loose hope that there are more elevator advocates out there who are doing a good job daily than the individuals who should stop working on conveyance devices and go get a job where ensuring the safety of the public is not a requirement.  Anyone have a good feel as to what percentage of our industry attempts to make it safer each day?  I truly hope it's 80% with the remaining 20% in need of some much needed good safety training.

So as you read the stories and the letter from the State of CA letter in today’s show, think of how you can make a difference in turning things around. We are all in a position to make it better and safer. Get out of bed everyday thinking of ways that you can. Let's get that 80% number up to 99% or 100%. News/Article Links: State of CA Issues with Elevators Shoddy repairs blamed for elevator death NY Seeks to Thwart Elevator, Boiler, Cyberattacks New City Hall Contractor rectifies elevator malfunction Councilman unhappy with change order for elevator Hospital worker killed in elevator shaft WMATA board to consider $2.3 billion budget for FY2013 Desk lamp inspired by elevators, science and apple When not to sell on an elevator WMATA Outage percentages compared to length Queens worker trapped in elevator shaft, lucky man Vintage Otis Elevator Video Horror as boy falls from Monument Mall escalator Elevatoritis….what will they think of next EIGSC – Monthly Message – May 2012 Elevator Mechanic – Dirty Jobs Escalator to solve crossing problem City of Chicago DOB E-Plan Rollout Great photo of the week Moscow Metro Escalator Chief Sacked Chicago Elevator Association Golf Outing 1906 – Elevator Birdcage & Enclosure Design TKE Partners with aPriori Small fire snuffed out in elevator shaft Love these Youtube Videos! Low Bid Contracts....beware 2012 - Elevator U Conference Program Released VEE Conference Agenda Released