Dupont escalator outages

Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #315 - Week 12/05/2012

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While this is our anniversary show, it’s been kind of a tough weekend for my family as we found out some tough news about my son’s best friend that was hard to accept. I’ll talk more about on the program today. On a personal note the recent events in my life have me angry, sad and wondering what the overall plan for all of us is as sometimes it simply doesn't make sense. Life is fragile and can be taken away at any given moment. Live as if you understand this and without regrets. When you get home, hug your family members and remember that no matter how tough your day is it could always be worse. Be thankful for what you have and call a loved one if they are not within distance you can visit.

Personal Note: Please Keep Collin and his Family In Your Thoughts and Prayers Biggest Bears Fan in The World – Thank You Bears & Make A Wish Foundation

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