ECNY QEI Seminar

Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #321 - Week 01/16/2013

ersrmcClick Here to download ERS-2013-01-16 #321 I hope everyone enjoyed the new intro to the show on the program today. It was time for a change and thanks to everyone who wrote those great testimonials. is no longer and has been shut down. What seemed like a good idea back in the day simply didn’t catch on. Perhaps it’s because our industry is a small one or that we all covet our older components that we truly don’t want to part or sell them with the fear that someday we might need them. Also, if you received an e-mail from me about becoming my friend on Linkedin, I apologize. I was not aware that I clicked a box that sent all of you an e-mail requesting that you friend me if that’s even what it’s called. Boy, I’m starting to love social media more and more each day. Shorter show today, enjoy it!

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