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SB0149 and A17.3 Being Removed...What Does It Mean?

I have not yet heard or not if Illinois Legislators have contacted the Elevator Safety Board for their input on SB0149 after the Senate Passed the Bill and I don't believe that they have or will. For those Illinois House Representatives out there who have not yet voted or reviewed the bill and are wondering what the big deal is about the removal of A17.3 is, I've provided some additional reading for you.  Below you will find two 17.3 blog posts from an elevator consultant in Florida who does an excellent job of balancing common sense with the building owners best interest at heart. Our legislators could use a little more information before listening to angry Condo Boards who sacrifice safety for dollars.

A17.3 - Florida and What It Means

All The Relevant A17.3 - Posts From Alliance Elevator Consultants

Again this is a different state requiring A17.3 1996 but dealing with the same issues of balancing elevator code safety requirements with the cost for complying with them. If the the Illinois House of Representatives passes SB0149 with A17.3 removed existing elevators without certain safety devices will put the public at risk. Plus trying to get the requirement for A17.3 back into the Elevator Safety Act will require another Senate or House Bill which could take years to pass.

Attention Illinois Legislators, put A17.3 back in the bill and work with the Elevator Safety Board in negotiating the rest of the items that were removed. If there is ever a death or accident that could have been prevented if A17.3 was in SB0149 it's going to come back an haunt someone. Missing door restrictor, fire service, blown out hydraulic cylinders, it's just a matter of time.