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Post: April 28th, 2010: ERS-2010-04-28 #202 Show Notes

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Good show today everyone. I received a very important e-mail from a concerned elevator professional regarding the photograph in the MARTA article from last weeks show that’s important to share. I appreciate this kind of information as I believe it benefits EVERYONE and makes our industry a safer one. Another story which just kills me, the NY Daily News published a story on their ability to purchase a NY City Fire Service Key. This is a serious situation that demands attention by anyone who manufacturers, sells and uses elevator keys. This article did nothing but point the riding public a Google search away from trying to get their hands on the same key. Also, good news as 100’s waited in line to apply for 75 elevator apprentice positions in NY!  (Pictured: Tents of NY Elevator Apprentice Applicants)

Since this is our last show of the month we’ll be giving away our prize pack giveaway which includes $100 Visa Gift Card. To find out if you won stay tuned until the end of the program. Also included in are some great giveaways from the companies listed below who support this podcast.

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