Patriot Day

Patriot Day, Let Us Never Forget, The Last Elevator Down

patriotday Today, September 11th is a day that I will never forget. When a coworker walked into my room and told me an airplane struck the World Trade Center in New York, I imagined a small lightweight Cessna. After looking online for some news I was able to find photographs of the WTC with smoke that billowed out of its mid section. When I learned that the plane was a commercial airliner my stomach sank to my feet.

We ended up shutting down early that day as many coworkers wanted to be home with family as did I. On my way home from work I stopped at the local blood bank to try to help, not realizing that extra blood wasn't going to be needed. I've never seen so many people at that facility. They turned me away and asked if I would come back the following week.

That night as I walked the dog it was an eerie feeling as there were no sounds of commercial jets flying overhead, just one military plane way up high doing what they could to keep the skies over Chicago Safe. At that very moment the feeling of loss and hurt I felt was never so great.

The very next day I ordered an American Flag for my house and we started sending American Flag stickers out with every order. I have never felt like more of an American in my entire life.  While I wish I could forget the morning of September 11th, 2001 I never want to forget the people who lost their lives on that day. From the people on the planes, to the rescue workers, including elevator mechanics who were trying to help.  So many heroes on that day did not get a chance to go home to their family. Take a moment of silence today to remember our fallen fellow American’s.

 To listen to NPR's  "Last Elevator Down" audio file from 2003 click this link.