Robert S. Caporale

Elevator Radio Show 441 - Week 09/14/16

As the industry reels from the news of Bob Caporale passing, I’m certain that next week’s United Montreal Show will give many us the opportunity to share our own personal stories about Bob with each other.  So let’s spend next week remembering him and what he contributed to the elevator industry.  He touched many lives personally and I’m grateful to have called him my friend.  I’m looking forward to next week and as I do each year invite you to stop by the CJA booth, (1725) and say hi.  It’s always great to meet and talk with so many of you who listen to the show.  Those headed to Montreal next week, safe travels.  

The Passing Of A Great Man - Bob Caporale

Bob Caporale - Photo Credit 

Bob Caporale - Photo Credit 

There’s no show today as I learned late yesterday afternoon that Bob Caporale passed away Monday September 5th, 2016 surrounded by his loving family.  I thought about it all night and it’s difficult to put a show together when one has to digest this kind of loss for our industry but to his close friends who were unaware of his condition.  

I met Bob in the late 1990’s, he was selfless, always trying to help make our industry a better one.  My favorite meeting with him was when I visited Elevator World a few years ago and got to enjoy looking at all the cool industry related items he had scattered about in his office. Drawings from project he’d worked on, parts and books everywhere.  His office reminded me a lot of mine.

I have some great memories with him and he was such a huge part of getting EU off the ground. He worked so closely with that first board of directors, but insisted on not being named to it or taking any credit for it. The industry lost a great resource, knowledge and....friend.
— Terri Flint - Elevator U

There are people that we meet, cross our paths, become friends with who make us better more caring individuals.  Bob was one of these unique souls that walked the earth amongst us.  He made me a better person and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have called him my friend. Bob never wanted credit for any extra endeavor he helped with. He wasn’t in it for the glory and instead simply enjoyed knowing he helped.  

The Editorial Department at Elevator World at one time was headed by Robert S. Caporale, who started at EW in 1993. He succeeded EW founder William C. Sturgeon as editor in 1998. Caporale was responsible for ensuring that everything that went into print or online was correct. He reviewed technical articles, covered various industry events around the world, and wrote about significant and interesting projects, and wrote a monthly column for EW, a quarterly column for EW India and his was the editor of “The Progress” a publication produced by NAESA International. Caporale literally had a world of experience in the elevator industry before becoming an editor. He entered the industry in 1964 and worked on projects across the U.S. and around the globe for almost three decades. Caporale earned an MSc degree in Lift Engineering from Northampton University College in 2002. He was a member of NAESA International, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the International Association of Elevator Consultants. Was a certified elevator inspector (QEI) and also served on several ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators committees. In addition he assisted Elevator U and it’s first Board of Directors and was instrumental in helping ensure the success of that organization.
— Information Sources: Elevator World, NAESA International, Elevator U

NAESA International is dedicating the 2017 Elevator Safety Summit to him and his contributions in making our industry a better one.  I can’t think of a better way to remember someone. Bob Caporale, you will be missed my friend. Gods speed to you, see you on the other side someday.