broken clavicle

No Show This Week 10/12/16

There's no show this week. On Tuesday I had surgery to remove the hardware that's been keeping my collarbone fragments in place the last three years so they could grow back together. The hardware has been bugging me for a long time and I finally made the decision to have it taken out. 

Some of you might remember three years ago when I crashed on my bike and broke my collarbone into three different pieces.  Three days later I was in surgery having a few screws and a plate installed to the floating pieces.  So you might ask me what have I learned from the entire ordeal? 

1.  No matter how much you feel like a kid again when riding your bicycle never try to do the stuff you did as a kid like bunny hopping over obstacles. Or most importantly, make sure you know what's on the other side of the obstacle you are going to jump over before doing so. 

2. Ask the doctors questions. I felt so good after my surgery I did some pretty stupid things which resulted in two screws pulling out of my bones. Yes I'm an idiot. 

3. Broken bones take sooo long to heal. Nothing will help them grow faster other than time. 

I hope what I learned above can benefit you as well. Now what should I do with the the metal pieces that were removed from my shoulder?  I'll have to think about this. If you've got a suggestion please send it to me.