construction worker falls down elevator shaft

Elevator Radio Show 492 – Week 1/10/2018


This New Year has started off tragically when an elevator mechanic was found dead on top of an elevator in Texas.  Details are still not complete yet and I will share them as they become available. As much as we talk about safety we need to press on and continue to promote it so that there are zero accidents and zero fatalities. The work that’s done in our industry is dangerous and not worth the pay grade many mechanics make if they don’t make it home to their family each night.  Do your part to press safety. Make it become the first thing you think about getting out of bed each morning.

Elevator Radio Show 441 - Week 09/14/16

As the industry reels from the news of Bob Caporale passing, I’m certain that next week’s United Montreal Show will give many us the opportunity to share our own personal stories about Bob with each other.  So let’s spend next week remembering him and what he contributed to the elevator industry.  He touched many lives personally and I’m grateful to have called him my friend.  I’m looking forward to next week and as I do each year invite you to stop by the CJA booth, (1725) and say hi.  It’s always great to meet and talk with so many of you who listen to the show.  Those headed to Montreal next week, safe travels.