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Elevator Radio Show 487 – Week 11/22/2017


Some of you listen each and every week, some simply visit the website to view the content online and others take a moment to send an email or tell me in person that they give me credit for doing what I do.  Today I give you all thanks for being part of my “elevator” family.  I can think of no other profession I’d rather be doing or industry I’d rather be part of.  I’m grateful for the wonderful friendships I’ve been lucky enough to have made over the years and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  So thank you for being a part of this awesome ride. Safe travels to all who are heading away from home for Thanksgiving.  We all have so much to be thankful for that one day is not enough to remember this.

Elevator Radio Show 468 - Week 05/10/17

It’s a heavier show than last week as we lead with an article that reports an 8 year old was killed in a home elevator accident.  These accidents simply tear me up inside to no avail and as a father I can’t imagine ever having to go through the loss of one of your kids.  If you have a client who has a home elevator please share the information that’s provided on the EESF website with any client of yours.   I never want to read about an accident like this again.  In addition the second article talks about the inspections in San Francisco which I provide some additional questions I wish the media would ask.  It was nice to see Michael Fagan sharing his expertise which he did nicely on the segment.  More commentary will be included in the show today.

Post: August 10th, 2011: ERS-2011-08-10 #264 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2011-08-10 #264 Back from a short four-day vacation it’s amazing how much can happen in two days. Glad to be back in the thick of things and have a pile of stuff to get done in the upcoming weeks and look forward to diving right into them all.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by such a great team here at work as I truly couldn’t do as much as I do without them. Shorter show this week which means I get to dive into the piles at work a little sooner today. Be safe and have a great week everyone!


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