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Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #344 - Week 09/11/2013

***Sorry but due to more technical issues, the show that I recorded did not encode correctly so there is no audio/video file.  Show Notes and Article Links Are Below*** wtc1September 11th, the day that changed the world and one the world will never forget. It’s a day of remembrance, for the innocent who lost their lives along with the brave men and women responding to the attacks. It was a day the world united in horror and tried to understand how such evil could exist in this world. Even today those feelings still are present as I remember that morning as the events unfolded. I’ve linked some articles relating to that day that you might want to read again. Thanks to Elevator Bob for the links to the original stories. It’s important that we never forget.

So slow down today, stop and smell the flowers or better yet, stop and pick up some flowers for someone close to you. Take a moment to be thankful for all that you have and the people who surround and love you. As our world gets faster and faster we cannot forget the events of 9/11 and how it united the world.

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