elevator mechanic looses balance

Elevator Repairman Falls to His Death - Elevator Safety!

The reality of the hazardous work that elevator mechanics are involved with every day is very serious and should not be taken lightly.  Not the kind of start to a work week that any of us want to read about make certain that you make safety your number one priority each and every day!  I sometimes talk directly with mechanics in my day job involving technical support and each and every time I end my conversation with, "Be Safe Out There"! Most of the time mechanics chuckle on the other end of the phone but I truly mean it. I think that in many cases they have become complacent with the work they do and used to the dangers. We all need to remember the first month we spent in the field. Being scared of heights, electricity, doing the wrong thing and holding on to dear life while riding up on top of the elevator. After reading the linked article you'll have a pit in your stomach and pray that something like this never happens to you or anyone of your mechanics. Some useful safety resources in case your not sure where to turn.

Safety Training For Mechanics, Supervisors, Managers - There's never enough training you can receive on workplace safety. Just because you've been trained once on a particular topic doesn't mean you'll remember it forever. Don't pass the buck on training, even if you feel it's some one else's responsibility.  It's all of our responsibility! Don't have time to set up a program? Contact Robert Krieger at Certified Conveyance Training Corporation.  Safety Training is what he specializes in and his technical background support this. Contact Bob and make safety training an ongoing priority each year in your company. http://www.cctc.name/

ElevatorBooks.com - Another great resource can be found at the ElevatorBooks.com website.  There are some great valuable resources there which should be used in conjunction with in person safety training by a professional instructor.  Elevator World has been promoting workplace safety as long as they've been publishing. If you haven't updated your safety material for your company lately make sure you do so today.

I learn much better when someone is teaching me and not by reading. Make safety a priority today and let's make sure accidents like this don't happen in the future.