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Post: September 9th, 2009: ERS-2009-09-09 #171 Show Notes

Reg_662Click Here to download ERS-2009-09-09 #171 We’re back on the air after a three day weekend thanks to Labor Day.  I wish I had one of these at least once a month as I could use the extra day to relax with family.  Not so heavy on the news this week and no accidents, which is always a good thing. Still trying to get ready for the United in Orlando Show as many of you are out there, it is fast approaching, isn’t it? On a side note, do you recognize the logo in the center of the pushbutton plate? We’ve had some excellent help in trying to identify the manufacturer but we’re not 100% sure. Help correctly identify this marking and I’ll send you the Elevator Radio Show t-shirt right off my back!

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Governor Quinn, Please Appoint New Members To The Vacant Positions On The Elevator Safety Board!

Illinois I attended the Chicago Elevator Association meeting this past Thursday evening, September 3rd, 2009. As always it’s a great way to find out what every one is up to in our industry as well as what’s been going on with the City of Chicago and State of Illinois. Speaking of the later, Governor Quinn has not yet appointed anyone to fill the vacated positions on the Elevator Safety Board.

This is a call out to all my political friends out there who have shown much interest in my posts regarding SB149 and the extension of A17.3 needing to be met. Yes, I am at it again but for a different reason. Illinois needs the Elevator Safety Board as they help with variances, safety and code related issues that come up all the time. Without them the projects that might need a variance simply stops.

As I understand it there are many applicants from our industry who would like to fill the vacant positions and many of the people who have put their names into the hat are extremely qualified. Another small request is that when Governor Quinn does appoint a new board PLEASE appoint people who have elevator experience. While politicians are knowledgeable they need assistance with specific rulings and potential changes from industry experts.

These new appointments should be done as soon as possible. Two meetings have already been canceled and I’m certain that without a quorum more will follow in the future.

Governor Quinn, please appoint a new Elevator Safety Board and let them get back to work, our State needs it!

(Note: The Elevator Safety Board is a state appointed board that helps in making decisions regarding variances, safety, inspection and elevator code related issues)