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If we don’t try and without the help of all, it will never end! Please Help!

**Reposted with Permission From Bob Shepherd - Executive Director NAESA International**

In memory of Robert Caporale and his dedication to elevator safety.       The Elevator Industry Safety Summit  Phoenix, AZ May 21-23, 2017

In memory of Robert Caporale and his dedication to elevator safety.  

The Elevator Industry Safety Summit
Phoenix, AZ
May 21-23, 2017

A few words from a wife and mother and my thoughts:
I just read today about a man who was very gentle, at times too gentle and showed consideration for all. I read he was a great supporter of family, loved his two children and even though his work was busy, he always found time to spend with his children. He would often take them to zoos and aquariums, where his children would always find joy and excitement. Watching his children, he would always smile and be happy. I also read that he was a great father.
He passed in December of 2016 and now is gone forever. This is a quote from a letter his wife wrote after the accident, who I will keep anonymous for her privacy:

“His happiness was the happiness of his family, and I am sure he intended to protect us always. I am still unable to fully come to terms with our sudden parting. Even now he must be worried about the family he left behind. Now I pray only that he be free of concern and simply watch after our lives from above.”

This husband, father and mechanic was 32 years of age.

Excerpt from a recent email from a good friend and elevator consultant to me below:
“It is with a heavy heart and tears rolling down my face that I am compelled to inform you of another elevator man dying a preventable death. Earlier today, a technician was killed in a hoistway. I do not know exactly how the entire scene unfolded, but I know it was preventable!
It was only a couple of months ago, I shared my personal story with him while encouraging him to 'work safe'.  Chances are just that, chances!!
I saw him only yesterday while taking my mother to the doctor.  He inquired about my mother's condition (after a recent accident).  After a short conversation, I left him as I normally would, "be safe".  Had I only known-such a loss.
Please continue your vigilant efforts to ensure everyone is 'safety pinned'.”
Please read on: we all need to help stop the above words from being said!
All too frequently we read of a serious accident or fatality in the elevator industry which shocks the industry, but as when you see an automobile accident, you slow down for a few miles and tend to drive safer, but shortly after when the memory fades and other distractions occupy your mind, you accelerate that vehicle and start taking risks once more. The same happens in the elevator industry, people have a heightened awareness of safety after bad news hits the wire, but soon after laziness and the superman attitude takes over once more and risks are taken again. How do we keep safety awareness heightened and our workers safe and alive.

These two good men, great fathers and husbands in these sad stories above are now missed and will always be missed and never forgotten. These two fatalities have changed both families for the worse and their lives will never be the same from now and forever. We the industry all need to help now and forever.
The Elevator Industry Safety Summit is something I wanted to make happen for years, but never had the forum to do so, but now I do and with the help of the entire industry, just maybe we can find that golden nugget which will hopefully end the occurrence of severe accidents and fatalities forever, for certain what we are doing now is not working.
This is not a NAESA International event alone, it is an Elevator Industry wide event, except that I started the ball rolling and used NAESA International as the vehicle to possibly help save a life and some pain. I and NAESA have made an investment of our resources and finances, even though employees of NAESA will never be put at risk of an elevator accident in the workplace. NAESA believes that with the entire Elevator Industry working together as partners we can start to improve worker and rider safety for all. NAESA has taken a huge financial risk in hopes of pulling the industry together, please don’t let my dream and Bob Caporale’s dream fade. We need to all focus on safety together in hopes of possibly identifying, what we all have been missing for years and why we are still experiencing major accidents and fatalities to the elevator worker and at times to the riding public. 
So, in closing: without all the Elevator Industry’s support, financially and by attending, we will all fail and then our first and maybe only chance to bring and bond this industry together as a family may slip away. This type of safety event has never happened before, where so many people have decided to put all aside and work together for the common good and the united goal of safety, but we still need many more involved by attending and offering financial support.

Cutoff date for Hotel Reservation under the room block is April 21st.
See attached flier by clicking here.
Please help by attending and also by financially supporting the Elevator Industry Safety Summit through a sponsorship offering, and please find it in your hearts to support the Elevator Safety Summit financially, even if you find it impossible to attend. Your thoughtful sponsorship will be placed on banners at the event and placed in the Safety Summit event program. As I stated earlier, NAESA has no real stake in the game or iron in the fire, but we have a heart which wants to help make this elevator world safer by working in: “The Public Interest”.
Please call me: Bob Shepherd Executive Director of NAESA International, I will be more than glad to let you know where my heart is about safety. I love each and every person out there in the elevator world and I cry each time I hear that my elevator family is grieving.
Our elevator family needs your help!
Please call me, I would love to share my thoughts with you on where we are with the summit!
Sincerely, Bob Shepherd 609.780.5551

"Stay Safety Pinned"