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Post: April 7th 2010: ERS-2010-04-07 #199 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2010-04-07 #199 Amazing, out of 102 elevator related links I’ve got less than a quarter of it  to share with you.  Since it’s the first show of the month I’ll cover the calendar of events for much of North America. Also on the program today my commentary on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and where I think that it’s headed. Thanks for joining me on the program today everyone. Enjoy the warmer weather in your neck of the woods.  (Pictured: Help the EESF reach 700,000 children, currently at 452,256. Visit today and find out how you can help!)

Calendar Of Events: NAESA Calendar NAEC Calendar IAEC Calendar EIG SC Calendar CEA Calendar EAF Calendar ECNY Calendar CECA Calendar EESF Calendar Elevator U Calendar MESA Calendar NCEIG Calendar

News Links: Elevator Ad, I haven’t seen before Hmmm, here’s a new one, Residential Attic Lift Escalator ride goes downhill quickly 3D Elevator Simulator Funny, elevators can be a source of comic relief What happens in the elevators stays in the elevator Photo of the week – AquaDom Woman arrested at Hilton Hotel for a variety of things Good advice, wish common sense prevailed more often “Mumbles” – Elevator Man Stories Maintenance Required Fear and a Strange Man in the Elevator Earthquake leaves elevator service shaky Elevator attackers beware Burj Tower reopens Ansonia Man dies in freight elevator accident Moscow Subway System second only to Tokyo 10th St. Entrance reopens at U Metro Still gets high marks after a year of low points