maintenance worker dies in elevator accident

Post: October 20th, 2010: ERS-2010-10-20 #224 Show Notes

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After last weeks packed show it’s nice to have a quieter week on the news front. It should be short and sweet today. However the first article expands more on the maintenance worker that was killed last week in Florida while working on an elevator. The guy who died was not an elevator mechanic. I’ll have more commentary on this during the show. Thanks to those who took the time to write in this week. I appreciate it and want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on the articles last week.  Next week is our prize pack giveaway and I’m going to be giving away a $100 Duluth Trading Company gift certificate away. All you need to do to qualify is to sign up for the e-newsletter.  As always thanks for tuning in today and for your continued support.

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