man looses legs after elevator accident

Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #392 - Week 03/11/15

It's great to be back after traveling last week to sunny warm Tampa for the EESF Annual General Meeting. I’m not sure what it is about heading to industry events like these but it’s exactly what I needed to get out of the day to day rut I didn’t realize I was in. I felt recharged when I got back with a new perspective on work, family and doing my part to give back to the industry that’s given me so much. I’ll recap more on the program today. I encourage you to give back to the industry by considering a donation to help the foundation meet it's goal quicker with the new program development. News/Article Links: EW CET Program Approved by Illinois Riding escalators improperly leads to trouble Ottawa senior’s legs amputated after crushed by elevator Elevator of shame hmmm Largest boat/vessel lift Sand suspected in elevator entrapment EESF AGM Recap ERRC EESF Recap with Photos The roller coaster of escalators at WMATA More on above Newark’s Four Corners Millennium project Woman dies from head injuries after getting stuck in elevator doors Interesting correlation Harry Potter Elevators BART opens escalator canopy Shut down escalators back in service after accident Bill calls for State Licensing for workers who maintain elevators Dieselducy: Freight Elevator Mod VT Fixing broken Penn Station Escalator will take weeks Honduras Elevator accident injures soccer team Wheelchair user suing Irish Rail after fall on escalator Man loses pant in escalator mishap