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Post: December 14th, 2011: ERS-2011-12-14 #279 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2011-12-14 #279 Good to be back after a week being off.  Somehow it really didn’t feel like a week off.  The soap box comes out on today’s program as many of you are aware of the tragic elevator fatality that happened last week in California. I appreciate many of you sent me the article links and your comments.  I’ll also talk about the last year and what our download numbers have been since the beginning of this craziness back in 2005.


News/Article Links: Woman Killed In Elevator Accident CSULB News Report on above Investigation Continues Wow, sounds like a good idea…why didn’t we think of this before? 10 new or repaired escalators open at WMATA Amazing elevator governor Mongrel Elevator Controllers – have any info? EIGSC November Shaft Update Alabama Elevator Inspections and the MCP Not what elevators were meant for Escalator accident at FedEx Field Elevator Machine Noise Escalators in subway owned by private companies? Join the NAEC Today! Mistletoe in an elevator Wrestling with a freight elevator Vintage Otis Brass Car Switch “Good Samaritans” Prying Open Elevator Doors DPS Elevator Task Group Meeting Recap Elevator, Escalator workers on strike – all 19 of them The Last Manually Operated Elevator in Elgin No Smoke, just smell from overheated motor Stairs get you there faster than elevator LA to examine elevator, other costs Text craw found on escalator in Tel Aviv The 12 Days of Elevators Elevator Man Stories II – Bring out your stories! Ice Pick Mugger get's 18 years in elevator attacks Woman rescued in elevator collapse Beat Holiday Stress this year