senior elevator accidents

Protect seniors, reduce elevator accidents, and turn off door nudging!

When Dr. Stephen Carr, mentioned the fact that more elevator accidents were caused in nursing homes and elderly care facilities from doors with nudging turned on during normal service I was surprised but it make perfect sense. I’ve linked the article that Dr. Stephen Carr wrote which highlights a few great ideas in which elevators can be made safer in facilities where seniors might not move as fast as they used to. To read the full article click on the following link; Safer Elevators for Seniors - C. Stephen Carr, Ph.D

If you’re an elevator contractor reading this and have senior care facilities or condos with an older population suggest the modifications as outlined by Dr. Carr. If you’re a facilities manager with an older resident population ask your elevator maintenance provider to make the adjustments as outlined in the attached article. In either case we can make elevators safer for many and provide more time for those who need it when entering and exiting elevators.