shoddy elevator repair

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"I used a zip tie because I ran out of duct tape." Vote below!


Wow, never thought that zip ties were rated to handle this kind of load. This kind of thing is justification for education and training, as the person who left it that way must have at some level thought it was acceptable (it seems basically wrong.) What you see is the video is the brake solenoid to a gearless passenger elevator.

Come up with a caption and/or point where this would be a code violation.  Does the code address that zip ties can't be used? I would think so under repair/replacement of original components it absolutely does.  All right all you elevator people out there, send your answers/captions to

Thanks to Robert Krieger for submitting this video.

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  1. “McGruber-The Elevator Mechanic” – C.H.
  2. “Brake Pins, We Don’t Need No Stinkin Brake Pins” – J.K. 
  3. “I used a zip tie, because I ran out of duct tape” – R.K.
  4. “Bread ties are for weenies” – B.T.
  5. “I fixed it with a zip tie and still had time to take a nap” – J.T
  6. “Can’t fix it? Use a zip tie!” – F.G.
  7. “Got Zip?” – T.Z.
  8. “Zip Ties, more ways to fix an elevator than the tools in tool box.” – C.G.
  9. “Zip ties, great in the bedroom too!” – V.G.
  10. “Longer lasting then a brake pin and more flexible too!” – T.K.
  11. “A ten second fix with a one cent part” – J.S.
  12. “Zip it with a zip tie!” – J.T.
  13. "You should of seen the lousy repair someone did before I fixed it!" - D.Z.