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Post: June 23rd, 2010: ERS-2010-06-23 #209 Show Notes

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After a computer virus took hold of my computer yesterday I lost 4-5 hours trying to fix it myself. Our IT guy came in and took 45 minutes to have the virus removed. Which leads me to the point of my story, getting someone to fix whatever you need fixed is worth EVERY penny as long as it gets fixed and doesn’t get dragged out for days. This logic really can be applied to everything we do from working on elevators to manufacturing parts for them. Make sure you’ve got your virus software up to date and make a back up today! I’ve got a great show today with a variety of stories to talk about. Tonight is the Chicago Boat Cruise which I look forward to seeing many of you on! Next week is our prize pack giveaway so tune in towards the end of the show to see if you won $100.

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Post: November 11th, 2009: ERS-2009-11-11 #179 Show Notes

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This week was filled, over 350 articles, covering the exciting news regarding the Space Elevator Games and the tragic death of Drummer Henry Fuch who fell down a shaft after trying to get out of a stalled elevator. This accident could have been prevented had Henry simply stayed put and waited for help to arrive. Remember the safest place to be when an elevator is not working is inside the elevator.  Wait for help to arrive!

These kinds of accidents can be avoided with working door restrictors and longer toe guards. The technology is there, even to retrofit the oldest elevators out there. It’s the balance between elevators being grandfathered under older elevator codes and building owners who can’t afford the upgrades. I’d rather save a life than take my chances with a potential lawsuit.

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