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Post: August 3rd, 2011: ERS-2011-08-03 #263 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2011-08-03 #263 Another hot one here in the Midwest as the heat index has been around 108 and man is it humid!  Good news articles on the program today as we’ve got some good articles that I found.  I’m headed up to the Northwoods of Wisconsin to join my family for a few days tonight and come back on Sunday. Looks as that will be my vacation for the summer.  Stay cool, drink lots of liquids and make sure you take time for vacation before summer runs out!  The kiddies will be headed back to school before you know it!

News/Article Links: Otis acquires Marshall Elevator Company Pittsburgh Elevator Productions Covers Article Above KONE Acquires Long Elevator Elevator & Escalator Etiquette Premise Liability Suit – Accident Chasers China: Angry protests after Train Accident, Safety issue? Space Elevator, where is NASA Heading Cool elevator photo Elevator Safety and Security – listen to my comments Elevator for Startups Fujitec Roles out first UPS Regenerative Elevator System How to replace controller coils Cool photos of the week at EW Unplugged Retiring Cam in action Elevator & Escalator: Rules & Regulations in GA Elevator Button Insanity! City of Chicago Mechanical Parking Lifts Req. Years of backlogs for Hawaii elevator inspections New measures to help housebound seniors when elevators break down Carlsbad Caverns Elevator replacement Escalators for new Beijing subway recalled Two elevators trap  11 in Shenzhen Law firm sues landlord over elevators, lack of maintenance Elevator collapse kills workers in mine Elevator Engineering Launches GSM Interface Hyundai plans double decker elevators for Mumbai Man falls down Katy Hotel elevator shaft Shuttle’s elevator crew ponders uncertain future Gothamist Covers Elevator Museum Sugarloaf Accident May Lead to Liscensing Over 4,000 escalators, elevators suspended in China