EESF Hires New Executive Director

The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation (EESF) Board of Directors is pleased to announce it has hired Shelly Johnson as the new Executive Director of EESF.

 Shelly has led non-profit organizations for over 25 years including serving as executive director of the Massage Therapy Foundation, the Neuroscience Nursing Foundation, the American Massage Therapy Association, the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses and the American Society for Healthcare Materials Management of the American Hospital Association. She has served in other leadership positions with the American Society for Quality and ACA International.

In her previous positions, Shelly has grown her organizations to greater size and impact. At the heart of her work has been ensuring that each organization strategically and effectively carries out its mission and that contributors and other stakeholders experience high value from the organization.

"I am honored to be chosen as EESF’s new executive director,” says Shelly. “The work of EESF is so important and I’m looking forward to partnering with the Board and our program director to carry out EESF’s mission. It’s an exciting time for EESF and I’m excited to be part of it.”

Shelly started in her role on January 7, 2019. She can be reached at or by phone at (218) 547-3609.


Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation

Safety Programs for the Riding Public

No Show Today 11/28/2018


My apologies for not produce a show or post the last two weeks.  To be honest it’s just been the perfect storm with being busy at work and with large unexpected projects that have taken much more of my time than I had to spare.   Right now the time I had to produce the show is being spent playing catch up at work.  On a personal note, everything is good and there’s nothing to worry about, I just need to put family and work…..and some sleep ahead of this program.  I appreciate all the emails, texts and phone calls regarding the show vanishing and assure you I’ll have the show back as soon as I’m able to produce it. Thank you for your patience.  

To our American Veterans


Veterans Day celebrates and honors the service, sacrifice and enduring achievements of living Americans who served our nation in uniform. At home and abroad, during times of both war and peace. We should not only honor our service members past and present, but the family members who supported you when you were called to defend our nation’s freedoms and after you came home — often dealing or struggling with issues as a direct result of your service to our great country.

When the world is threatened, it calls on America, and we call on our service members who serve without question and without delay. You served as our protectors and defenders, war fighters, peacemakers and peacekeepers. You were the guardians of the greatest social and political experiment the world has ever known, representative democracy.

We are privileged to live in the United States where the cost of freedom, is not free; it has been paid for by the sacrifices of the men and women like yourselves who have served and fought for the flag of our nation and all it represents. On this special day we want to give a special thanks to you and to your families for your service and sacrifice in defending the freedom and liberty that we all enjoy. We are privileged to honor you, the American Veteran. Thank you for your service.

11/7/18 - Computer Demons at It Again


I spent the last two hours on the shows backup production computer after it failed to start. I’ve finally gotten it to the point where now have gotten it to the point where I have a Windows screen but it’s slower than molasses. I’m going through the diagnostic functions right now to figure out what exactly has failed and why.

Needless to say there’s no show today. Maybe one of these weeks I’ll make a video showing what it looks like to smash one in our 5 ton press brake. Now that would be fun.

On a more serious note, this Sunday is Veterans Day. Make sure you go out of your way to thank any veteran you see. Call those you know personally on the phone or email/text them. They are the reason why we all enjoy the freedoms we hold close to our hearts today. We must never forget this and it is important to share this with our kids and grandkids. Thank you Veterans for your service!

Elevator Radio Show 518 – Week 10/31/2018


It is so sad that we lost another elevator mechanic this past week. I share that article along with another which goes to show that even the most safety conscious can be hurt or fatally injured in their everyday work environments. Not a great show to make anyone feel good so share the stories, the information with your coworkers and let’s all do our best to prevent any more accidents like this from happening in the future.  Since it’s the last show of the month I’m giving away a $100 and some goodies from the companies listed below.

Prize Pack Giveaway – Thanks To The Following Prize Pack Giveaway Donors!

C.J. Anderson & Company, Colley Elevator Company,,  The National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, Truxes, EMS Group, Elevator Bob’s Elevator Pictures, Minnesota Elevator,, Elevator World Magazine, NAEC, Elevator Cab Renovations, Parts Specialists Inc,, Elevator Riders Riding Club, Peelle, The pQEI Inspection App & Maxton Manufacturing

 News/Article Links:

Mechanic killed by counterweight

Man falls down elevator shaft - Lexington

A reminder; accidents can happen to anyone

In Memoriam: Bob Schumacher

Empire State Building: Unsung Hero’s

NYC’s Subway elevator attendants to stay put

Residential home lift company issues recalls

Court action against owner of apartment building

Escalator collapsed as escalator collapses in Rome

CEA Meeting November 1st

QEI & Elevator Code Associate Training Schedule

10/24/18 - No Show This Week

Senior Owen Sybert

Senior Owen Sybert

Junior Quinn Sybert

Junior Quinn Sybert

It’s been a busy week here at work and at home and I realized last night I’m going to need as much sleep as I can get which is never easy. My two boys high school football team made the playoffs and with sectionals starting on Saturday, and the venue a three hour trip away, I need a few more hours of sleep this week than I typically get. I’m excited for my boys and their accomplishments as they, their teammates and coaches have worked hard this season to get to where they are. While they might be the underdog in Saturday’s match up, I’m certain they will play in with the same drive and conviction they’ve played each of their games this season. I’ll give you a full report of the game next week.

Elevator Radio Show 517 - Week 10/17/2018

!!!!Never attempt to ride an escalator in a wheelchair!!! INJURY AND OR DEATH WILL OCCUR!

!!!!Never attempt to ride an escalator in a wheelchair!!! INJURY AND OR DEATH WILL OCCUR!

I learned some sad news this week about the passing of Gordon Ernst who was a consultant from Washington.  I didn’t know Gordon that well and met him only a few times. However he made a lasting impression on me. Recognize those who make this profound impact on you, no matter how little or how great. Know that life is short and before you know it the time we have here to make a difference will soon be gone. I know, a bit morbid for a Wednesday morning but lately I’ve discovered the reality that even though life is the longest thing we’ll ever do it’s as fragile as an egg. 

NAESA Launches Elevator Code Associate 101 Training Course

ERS Week 10/10/18 - Sorry but there’s no show today. It’s been a busy week and even though I’m up early at work trying to get a jump on the day when the alarm went off at 2 am to get up I simply needed a couple of more hours of sleep.  Instead of the show I’m sharing an email I received from NAESA International and the new Codes Course they are offering. Details are below and I think it’s an excellent way of providing a good introduction in how to navigate and apply them to the work we all do. Contact NAESA for more information.

NAESA International   "In the Public Interest"

NAESA International

"In the Public Interest"


NAESA International has launched a new training course titled, “Elevator Code Associate 101 (ECA).” This course will be offered throughout North America, ether privately at a company’s facility or open to all at a public venue. ECA is intended to deliver a basic introductory familiarization of codes, guides and reference material associated with Elevator, escalator and accessibility lifts.

ECA 101, is not intended to deliver an in-depth knowledge of codes and guides, nor precisely how to navigate them. Rather, ECA 101 will acquaint the newly positioned administrator, manager, code official, board or committee member, sales person with the code books and guides that soon will become essential to their success.
Topics include: the purpose and types of equipment, how codes and guides are applied, strategic definitions and code book layout, understanding statutes, laws and rules. A few of the codes being reviewed are, ASME A17.1 and 18.1, National Fire Protection Association, and International Building Code, just to name a few.

No continuing-education units will be given in conjunction with the ECA 101.
Is ECA 101 for you, if you recently found yourself being part of the elevator world and have no formal training in all the associated codes that belong to this discipline, yes then, this is your way of avoiding some hard knocks soon to be in your path.

For more detailed information, contact NAESA at (360) 292-4968.

Elevator Radio Show 516 – Week 10/3/2018

audio Block
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Back from a week in Atlantic City exhibiting at the NAEC and it was great to see so many of you who stopped by to say hello. I love the fact the show was out east to tailor to our NY and east coast friends and hope that after the next two or three times we’re scheduled to hold a convention there we can move to other cities and venues. I’ll share a quick recap of the event, also on what’s happening with our production equipment and want you to know it feels good to be back.

Elevator Radio Show – Week 9/19/2018


4:38 am CST - My apologies but there will be no audio or video show today. After the show notes were all done I went to go turn on my production computer and got nothing. I’m hoping it’s just the power supply but have a feeling it’s more than that. Might be a good opportunity to get a more robust computer that can handle more video/audio processing. Make your back ups people, preferably to an offsite location, that’s where mine reside.

For friends and industry family affected by Hurricane Florence we’re thinking about you. The news footage from the flooding looks terrible and no matter how well one prepares for a hurricane Mother Nature is a force that brings with it some serious untamed power. If there’s anything I can do for listeners of the show please let me know. Next week is the NAEC Fall convention in Atlantic City which I’ll be at and on the show today I share some of my fun memories of when my dad would return from it back in the 70’s when I was a kid. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you which I don’t get to see but once a year.  

News/Article Links:

NYC DOB Compliance Filings Move Online

10 injured in escalator accident in high school

Child dies in elevator - Bulgaria

Woman suffers gas after escalator panel dislodges

Church plans to build elevator

Broken elevator at Harrisburg high rise repaired

Man seriously hurt after getting leg stuck in escalator

Hundreds race up massive Rottweil elevator test tower

Elon Musks Loop Lift

Man accused of preying on girls in elevator

CEA Next Meeting

Elevator shaft falls from building as typhoon hits

Construction elevators going pink

Oregon City Municipal Elevator

No Show – Week 9/12/2018


It was a nice change of pace to come in this morning and discover there wasn’t a lot of news to share on the show today.  So instead I’m taking the opportunity to roll those articles I found into next week’s show and play a little catch up while no one is here. Tomorrow starts the Wisconsin Elevator Symposium which I’m looking forward to attending. I’ll see many of you there who listen to the show.  Safe travels to everyone attending it.

Elevator Radio Show 514 – Week 9/5/2018

Visit  NAESA International  for QEI Educational Opportunities 

Visit NAESA International for QEI Educational Opportunities 

Next week is the Wisconsin Elevator Symposium and I’m looking forward to it. The venue, the topics and the ability to get so many educational credits in once place draws a lot of people. If you need to get your educational credits consider attending this event. It’s a really cool place to hold a conference and a first rate event. I’ll be there the night for the dinner and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Elevator Radio Show 512 – Week 8/29/2018

It’s like either heat has hit elevators pretty hard across the country or there’s a full moon out there because there are so many articles regarding elevators not working I couldn’t share them all. In addition seems as if there are crazy people out there as well using and doing things in elevators they shouldn’t be doing. It’s the last show of the month and I’ve got a $100 gift card and prize pack box to giveaway. Thanks for tuning into the show today.

Prize Pack Giveaway – Thanks To The Following Prize Pack Giveaway Donors!

C.J. Anderson & Company, Colley Elevator Company,,  The National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, Truxes, EMS Group, Elevator Bob’s Elevator Pictures, Minnesota Elevator,, Elevator World Magazine, NAEC, Elevator Cab Renovations, Parts Specialists Inc,, Elevator Riders Riding Club, Peelle, The pQEI Inspection App & Maxton Manufacturing

8/22/18 – No Show


There's no show this week as a few projects at work have taken up the majority of my sleepy time. After posting this I'm diving right into them in an attempt to make some much needed uninterrupted progress.  I’ll be back next week with our $100 visa gift card giveaway so don't miss it.  On a personal note keep an eye out for kids in the morning and afternoon when driving. Schools are starting to roll back into session. 

Also if you serve customers who are colleges, university's or high schools please share the Rise Up Safe Rider program with them and encourage them to share it with their students and faculty.  It's 100% free and designed to help young adults understand how to ride equipment safely.  

Elevator Radio Show 511 – Week 8/15/2018


Some of the featured articles on today’s show are ones I wish I weren’t sharing. One I found cool shares an elevator company that’s investing in training our current and future workforce. And as a reminder don’t wear soft soled shoes or take your furry friends on escalators. In addition the email I shared today centers around the building owner with some colorful commentary by your truly.  

Elevator Radio Show 510 – Week 8/8/2018

The two topics I want to touch on today involve flooding elevators as well as watching your kids when out in the world. I’m not talking about keeping them on a physical leash or anything but one accident involving a 3 year old and an escalator could have been prevented had she been watched more closely. Flooding elevators is a much more serious concern than originally thought as the power of water when it arrives too quickly can cause a serious life threatening situation.

8/1 - No Show


I have been out of the office the last two days and realized when I got into the office this morning I've got a stack of work to get through before the end of the week and I'm going to take full advantage of the few hours I have this morning to start getting through it all. 

Summer is moving fast, have you taken some time off for you and your family? If not get it on the calendar today. I'll be back next week. Happy August! 

Elevator Radio Show 509 – Week 7/25/2018



Riding escalators is safe, as long as you ride them the correct way.  The fine print is as follows for all the ambulance chasing attorneys out looking to purchase their next vacation home on the cape with a settlement relating to our industry,  I have no idea what the specifics are from any of the accidents shared in today’s show.  However based on my knowledge as a father and my job to keep my kids safe the information shared in those articles leads me to believe that in both cases the escalators were not being ridden safely.  Hands should be on the hand rails, feet should be away from the sides of an escalator.  As parents it’s our job to protect and teach our children the best way to survive in the world. If there was any money in suing parents for negligence I’m certain you’d see a huge new field of attorneys pursuing it.   

Elevator Radio Show 508 – Week 7/18/2018

Heat effects more than just our bodies. Elevators, rooftop machine rooms and power fluctuations can cause elevators to stop working and for good reason.  

Heat effects more than just our bodies. Elevators, rooftop machine rooms and power fluctuations can cause elevators to stop working and for good reason.  

Good to be back after a busy four weeks of travel.  I’m thinking things will settle down a little bit by November. I appreciate so many of you reaching out to me asking what the heck was going on but the reality is that life just got really, really busy for me, more so than normal.

“Elevators don’t run if you don’t do maintenance,” said Dick Gregory, a Chicago-based elevator consultant who has testified as an expert witness in lawsuits involving elevator injuries throughout the country. “And they’re not safe if you don’t do maintenance.” - Dick Gregory - Vertex Elevator Consultants