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Fun on Innovation Hub – NPR

ihubIf you’re driving around this weekend, (4/25- 4/26) turn your radio on to your local NPR station and you might just get to listen to a fun interview I had with Kara Miller, Host and Executive Director of Innovation Hub.

In Boston it will be on at 10 am and around the country at various other times throughout the weekend. If you miss it don’t worry, simply click on the blog post or various audio links below.  It’s truly a fun program and I encourage you to subscribe to their podcast for future segments.

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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #397 – Week 04/22/15

Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #397 – Week 04/22/15

erssubA much better show this week with all the technical difficulties taken care of and with the disturbing news from the last two shows it’s nice to produce one with some more upbeat topics. Next week we will be giving away our prize pack so get your email address added to the subscribe list so you’re eligible to win. Remember no purchase necessary to enter, void where prohibited and all that good stuff. For those who are finishing up at the NAEC Spring Conference in Hawaii, I hope you had a great time and learned a lot.

News/Article Links:
Interesting about Invasion of Privacy and Videos
Family meets hero who caught child falling over side of escalator
Injuries, failures reported on Augusta VA Elevators
Riders ask about broken escalator at MTA
Port Authority ordered to make transit station accessible
Taylor County approves elevator replacement
Memphis airport escalator replacement project underway
47-second elevator ride shows NY progress
New super tall building for Chicago planned
Slow skywalk escalator repair
EIWPF: Work Safety Posters
Company fined $28000 in elevator accident
Prague airport hires porters because of no escalator

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Elevator Radio Show – Week 04/15/15 **No Audio or Video**

ers-harness***No Audio/Video Show Today*** Technical Difficulties i.e. Windows Update Last Night SNAFU’d Computer*** Show notes below, add your own colorful commentary as you click through them all. 

It’s a much better show content wise as it applies to injuries or accidents compared to last week which is good.  One article actually talks about using harnesses with a leash for kids in Malaysia after last week’s accident involving a six year old that was pulled over the side and fell five stories to her death. Let me make this perfectly clear, a leash and harness is the worst thing possible when riding an escalator. One of the golden rules of riding escalators is to make sure you have no loose fitting clothing or untied shoe laces before getting on.  If the leash was accidently dropped it might get caught in the moving equipment. This goes for elevators as well as we’ve seen video footage of dogs almost being strangled as they dart out of the elevators as the doors close, with the owner holding the other end. The elevator takes off, the dog get’s pulled up to the hallway ceiling. It’s a terrible image and one that we wouldn’t want to see happen to a child, not that it’s likely but still. So let me state this again, no child harnesses or leashes on elevators or escalators. This is common sense, however sometimes it’s not thought all the way through.

News/Article Links:
TMI From Our Lawmakers
EW Photo contest ending soon!
Co-Op Owner wants $680,000 or exclusive elevator use
Take a ride on a BART elevator
Elevators need repairs at University of HI
Prague airport train line didn’t budget for escalator
State of Illinois Elevator Code Adoption
Dogs in crowded elevators
Vertical Transportation at Monticello
Elevator scenes in ‘Mad Men’
Andrew Reams Autism Outreach
Kids + Harnesses on Escalators =’s Danger!
Construction worker dead after accident
Korean hotel covered up accident
EW Unplugged: Fantastic Funicular
EIWPF: Safety Posters

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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #396 – Week 04/08/15

Audio Link: Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #396 – Week 04/08/15

eesf150One fatality involving an elevator mechanic in Indiana and another injured in Texas have this week’s show one of the worst ones I’ve had to do in a while. In addition to these articles another one from NJ reported that an inspector also was injured after falling down an elevator shaft but the icing on the cake which made me sick was watching a little girl play at the top of a downward traveling escalator and being pulled over the side.  Parents, always watch your children at malls and anywhere for that matter. Never let them play around escalators or elevators they are not amusement rides. For the proper way to ride elevators and escalators visit the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation at www.eesf.org.

News/Article Links:
Mechanic found dead at bottom of elevator shaft
Worker seriously injured in elevator accident
Elevator inspector falls in elevator shaft
Six year old falls to her death playing on escalator
NEII® Announces New 2015 BOD & Trust Committee
NFTA Escalator replacement limping along
Firefighter’s free girl after coat gets caught in escalator
Voters set $18.65 million budget, includes elevators
Bethesda Metro station closed due to escalator problem
New Schindler 5500 Machine Room-less Elevator
Elevator Office
NAESA Central Workshop This Week

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