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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #364 – Week 04/23/14

Click Here to download ERS-2014-04-23 #364
ersiaecThis week kicks of the IAEC meeting in Denver. All I can say is I wish I could be there with you all. Have a great conference. Two articles on the show today pretty much sum it all up.  One of which involves a little boy getting his hand caught in an escalator and this is the very first time I’ve ever seen escalators and the fact that it did what it was supposed to do and stop mentioned. This is huge as in the past these accidents have been reported in a vague way that seldom leads to any type of information on how to prevent it. Please share these with friends, family and coworkers, especially those who have kids or grand-kids. Remember the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation and their mission.


New/Article Links:
6-year old boy gets hand trapped in escalator
Safety officials say escalator safety is key for parents
More on accident above
2 workers hurt in Lancaster County elevator accident
Unboxing by DieselDucy
Elevator Motor Commutator
World’s Fastest elevator unveiled
Nearly four years later elevators finished
New NYPD fire response protocol bans elevator use
Issues disrupt use of campus elevators often
Blue asterisk on elevator door?
CEA Meeting Next Thursday

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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #362 – Week 04/09/14

Click Here to download ERS-2014-04-09 #362


It’s good to be back, although I did enjoy sleeping in last week. I start out this week’s show covering the most recent articles and working my way to articles that are older. All in all not a whole lot going on.  Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? I’m living that life right now.


New/Article Links:
Elevator & Escalator Maintenance Article
Crazy commutes: 10 of the weirdest forms of urban transport
Blue Line crash costs $9.1 million in damage
Quite labor deal gave $3M in back pay to elevator workers
Film’s Greatest Elevator Scenes
Fight reported near elevator
NYPD: Suspect tried to rape woman in subway elevator
What is wrong with people? Pooping in an elevator?
Teenager dies falling off escalator
CEA Meeting Recap
Lucky to be alive, don’t take an elevator if there’s a fire, use stairs!
Let this be a lesson to those lawyers out there
Jesse Spencer “Saves” Tourists?
Federal Government throws support behind wooden skyscrapers
Bike elevator for steep hills?
12 injured in Shanghai escalator accident
NAEC Educational Seminar
Settlement Reached in MA Boy’s Escalator Death
Mother has warning for parents after escalator encounter
Worker injured in elevator shaft incident
Pop Joe Golf Outing Details
Nine things you didn’t know about elevators
A year after death, WA urges escalator caution
Elevator service spotty at best? Define Spotty for me.

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One More Week Off =’s No Show 4/2/14

You’d think I was well rested after my Spring break trip with family however between catching up at work, the kids volleyball schedule and a short trip to NY I have planned this Friday and into the weekend I really need all the rest I can get, so no show this week.

I promise to return to my regular scheduled time slot next Wednesday no matter how tired I am. Be safe.

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01. Apr, 2014