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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #387 – Week 01/21/15 – Sorry No Show

escalatorAll ready to go and what I thought I had fixed last week is not this morning as I started to record the show and nothing was recorded. It has to do with the Windows update that they are so great at pushing to all their computers in the middle of the night and my mixing board. I’ll spend more time this week to get it figured out and apologize that there’s no show today. I again share the show notes and will talk more about them next week. In addition to re-posting the accident link in last week’s show in Indiana a small child was hurt when he went over the side of an escalator. Support the mission of the EESF.org, at this point it’s our best chance of getting the word out to parents about how elevators and escalators are not toys or amusement rides and how to ride them safely.

News/Article Links:
Mechanic killed in elevator accident
Child in serious condition after fall from store escalator
NEII® Regulatory and Legislative Agenda – The Insider
CEA Meeting Feb 5th
As elevator woes continue woman lifted to 3rd floor court room
Smoking elevator equipment sets off fire alarms
Otis Lifts Spain’s Elevator market
Register for the NAEC Spring Conference
Register for the EESF AGM
Pretty cool VW Factory
2 teen girls seen trying to mug Brooklyn woman in elevator
MEI/H&H Maxton Training Program
What does the Elevator Chief do?
Elevator Panel stolen from Russell Hall
Elevator accident takes place at Bulgaria capital
Escalator racing?
Mitsubishi to expand development
Kennedy couple returns to downtown hotel after 48 years
Introducing the Elevator Geek
MLK: Elevator Segregation

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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #386 – Week 01/14/15

Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #386 – Week 01/14/15 (Audio/Video DOA, not available this week)

CaptureThere was a terrible accident in NY this week were an elevator mechanic was killed in the hoist way.  We leave our warm beds each day heading to work with not a though that our day could turn as tragically as it did for this mechanic. I can’t say it enough but make safe work practices the number one priority of your day. I don’t care how many units you have on your route or who is yelling at you to move faster.  Experts note that you are more likely to have an accident in the surroundings that are the most familiar to you so don’t get too comfortable out there.  Heading home at the end of the day to your family and making sure those you work with should be on your mind all day. Just a side note, the show with my rant did not record/output the way it needed to so no audio/video show today. 

News/Article Links:
Mechanic killed in elevator accident
If you would like to support Johnny Luna’s Family
More on above
Boys hand saved from escalator
Broken elevator leaves students stranded
Accident on escalator leaves one dead
Tributes after grandmother dies after falling down escalator
Panera Bread evacuated due to malfunctioning elevator
EW Unplugged: View from the rock
Five seniors hurt after escalator tumble
Nice Westinghouse Traction Elevator Video
Timed out service fault
Register for the NAEC Spring Conference
Register for the EESF AGM
Pretty cool VW Factory
Plan to attend the Maxton Training Class at H&H in Chitown

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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #385 – Week 01/07/15

Audio File Link: Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #385 – Week 01/07/15

Happy New Year! Unfortunately we’re starting 2015 on a sad note with the recent news of a 12 year old who was killed when he entered the shaft of a home elevator in Florida and was crushed to death. It’s truly frightening to imagine that his could even happen. It’s a tragic death which requires everyone’s help in spreading the word regarding riding elevators and escalators safely and that they are neither toys, nor amusement rides. And while the details of the accident have not been released we encourage anyone with a home elevator to get it checked out by your local elevator company to ensure that it’s safe and the distance between the hallway doors and gate is minimized to prevent any child from accidentally getting wedged between the door and gate when the hallway door is closed. Visit http://homesafecampaign.com/ as well as http://www.eesf.org for more information regarding elevator and escalator safety.

News/Article Links:
12 Year Old Boy Killed in home elevator accident
Home Elevator Safety
Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation
Woman jumps to her death off mall escalator
COP accidently shoots himself in elevator
Escalator accident causes broken leg
Turkish governor bans short elevator trips
Congratulations EW Project of the Year Winners
Dog survives choking, 30 foot fall after elevator accident
Man critically injured in fall from over the side of an escalator
$12M Invested in fifthly BART Escalators
Cold air and dry rails
One released in elevator crash accident in Istanbul
KONE wins order for high-rise development
We need more feedback like this regarding lawsuits

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Happy New Year!

ershnyNo show today, it’s winter break and my kids are helping me at work which means I get to sleep in each day to 6 am, including today! Next week we will be back to our regular scheduled programming but I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a Happy New Year.  Thanks for being a part of my audience and family.  It’s awesome to have you all join me on this fun ride.

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31. Dec, 2014