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No Show This Week (7/23) & Next Week (7/30)

erscsglfI’ll be traveling both Wednesdays this week and next so no show. I’ll be back that first week in August bright eyed and bushy tailed. Have a good week and weekend everyone be safe. Oh and I almost forgot, for those of you coming in or planning on Golfing at the Chicago Elevator Association outing get your RSVP’s in today! It’s going to be a fun day.

Click here for more information.

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22. Jul, 2014
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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #369 – Week 07/16/14

Click Here to download ERS-2014-07-16 #369

ersmosNice short show today. I believe there are quite a few media people on vacation which I’m good with. I keep saying the day there’s no shock or bad news regarding vertical transportation equipment is the day I look forward because it means we’re all doing our jobs and people are acting like idiots. Next week I should be up with my family in the Northwoods of Wisconsin enjoying a short vacation with them. I’m not sure what day I’m planning on leaving yet so there may or may not be a show. If news content is down and I leave on Wednesday I’ll most likely pass on it. We’ll see. Remember, summer is cruising along at speed of 600 mph and at an altitude of 30,000 feet so enjoy it before it’s gone.

News/Article Links:
Titanium Space Elevator Design out
Fatal elevator fall investigated
And some people think elevators are unsafe
Board to vote on elevator repair
Company expands team in old Detroit Elevator building
Purdue offers training for grain storage rescues
Elevator maintenance standards Toronto
That busted BART Escalator. I think I know why it’s down
EW Unplugged: Photos of the week
US citizen among 4 injured in elevator accident
Control Tower Tour
NAEC Launches Specifications
Tragic accident in Moscow
Emergency button broken
Childhood friends reunite in elevator
Working on new elevator

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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #368 – Week 07/09/14

Audio File Show Link -  July 9th, 2014: ERS-2014-07-09 #368

ersoaIt’s hard to believe that it’s already July and it’s been about four weeks since my last show. Today is the catch up program where I clear out all my news that’s in my cache and empty it out like the dirty garbage it is. Well maybe not dirty garbage but perhaps old news. I’ll also provide a brief update on the Chicago Cruise as well as the Elevator U Conference. Next week we’ll be back on track and I’m looking forward to week after week of programming for you.

News/Article Links:
Elevator U 2015 Conference Dates Set
Another good reason why not to visit the hospital
Fire suspends elevator service in senior high rise
Chicago Elevator Association Golf Outing Details
12 Injured in Escalator collapse in a city I can’t pronounce
I’m not sure where to go with this one but it’s sad
New rules coming to Hawaii
Elevator Riders RC EU Club Ride Report
Washington Airport Handles Constant escalator accidents
Washington State weights new escalator safety rules following accident
New Washington state escalator rules fall short
Surprise, poor parts led to Shanghai escalator accident
EW Unplugged –Funny Video
City settles elevator accident claim
homeSAFE website launched to promote residential elevator safety
Engineer falls ten meters down an elevator shaft and then crushed
Worker dies in elevator accident
Child that fell from escalator at Sears dies
This is why no baby strollers on escalators
What are the 10 longest Metro Escalators?

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No Show Today

Sorry for not posting today. Last week I attended the Elevator U Conference in Lincoln NE and had a great time. Upon my return I brought back inside my body a version of the plague which hit me like a Mac Truck on Friday. I continued to spiral into deeper sickness and when you combine that covering for people on vacation this week I’ve ended up spreading myself a bit thin. I haven’t even been able to go for a bike ride. Sad, I know very sad. My goal is to make a speedy recovery this three day weekend and be back in the saddle next Wednesday. Thanks for thinking about me and remember to wash your hands.

Have a wonderful 4th of July extended weekend. Be safe.

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02. Jul, 2014