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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #374 – Week 09/24/14

Click Here to download ERS-2014-09-24 #374

CaptureThe first article of the show today shows the importance for the elevator code and why the enforcement of it is so important. While many feel as if the code is another form of government intervention nothing could be farther from the truth. When those out there build lifting devices by themselves and install them the reality of a tragedy occurring similar to the one in Mississippi is one much closer than many realize.  Also, if you recognize the guy in the photo he’s wanted for sexually assaulting a women in an elevator. Contact details for the NYPD as well as the photo and more details can be found by clicking the following link here.

News/Article Links:
One dead and two injured after lift accident
Historical center to install elevator – I hope they use CJA
Japanese company to have working space elevator by 2050
New escalator to be installed in Festival Place
KONE Tower still in the elevator business
Sault Ste. Marie to restore historic elevator
Documentary on space elevator coming
LIRR to replace six station escalators less than 2 years after renovations
Lawsuit over T escalator death settled
Catching up with Doug
Business on the rise at Bison
No Rats on escalators
Beware if your kids wear soft soled shoes on escalators
Man sexually assaulted woman in Queens elevator

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At The NAEC Convention in San Antonio!

ersnaec14Which means a great opportunity to see so many friends and meet new ones. Make sure you stop by to say hi. I’ll be at booth 925 and am looking forward to the exhibition opening tomorrow. Just walking around San Antonio I saw some great elevators, sidewalk lifts and some cool history, the Alamo for goodness sake. I’ll be back next week with a new show and will have a full recap of my adventures.IMG_0901[1]


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09. Sep, 2014
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September 3rd Show Canceled

No show this week. I’ll see many of you in San Antonio next week and am looking forward to it. Some family commitments came up unexpectedly that I need to tend to. Be safe out there, and call a family member today and tell them you love them. Especially if you haven’t spoken with them in a while.

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02. Sep, 2014