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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #383 – Week 12/17/14

Audio Link: Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #383 – Week 12/17/14

Holiday Cards by http://www.constructionchristmascards.net

Holiday Cards by http://www.constructionchristmascards.net/elevator-christmas-cards/elevator-christmas-tree-button/01649

The Elevator Escalator Safety foundation rebranding committee met yesterday in Chicago yesterday and I have to say it was nice to meet and see everyone who attended.  The good news is that we’re moving towards a different direction with the program the bad news is that the plan to do so is still being formulated. This is an exciting time for the foundation and one that is a long time coming. I’ll have more to share on this process as our committee moves through it and look forward to doing so. One accident on today’s show just goes to prove that the EESF is still needed in preventing accidents from happening.

News/Article Links:
Man in custody after woman groped on escalator
Elevators set to take new direction
Elevator and Escalator market in China 2015-2019
FDNY continues working on scene after falling down shaft
Alert shopper hits E-Stop button on escalator
Boy flown to CHOP after escalator mall accident
A17 Elevator Codes Week: January 12-16
Elevator Adjuster celebrating 600th video
Two injured in elevator accident
Doug: Holiday Happenings
Dumbwaiter involved in fatality ordered to be removed
Maybe too late for this year
From one of my favorite holiday movies

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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #381 – Week 12/3/14

Audio Show Link: Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #381 – Week 12/3/14

Back from a wonderful trip to Wisconsin where it was cold and snowy and no one robbed my house after declaring I’d be out for a few days over the interweb.  I wasn’t too surprised to learn that there were not a lot of articles out there but some I enjoy commenting on. If you’re like me and wonder how some of this ends online please feel free to comment. Those are some of the best items to read.

News/Article Links:
Woman Killed inside dumbwaiter
More on above story
Crazy elevator concept straight from Willy Wonka
A better elevator design?
New elevator system like a vertical mass transit system
TKE Promises to revolutionize skyscraper design
Bike Escalator again in the news
Mans foot cut off by elevator door in Netanya
elevaTour of Macy’s Hearald Square
Two injured in Stony Creek elevator accident
Elderly woman plunges down escalator
Urban Hub Digital Magazine Launched
Woman slashed in face on London Underground escalator
Church leaders urge support for elevator

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Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #380 – Week 11/19/14

Audio Podcast: Elevator Radio Show – Video/Audio Show #380 – Week 11/19/14

ers-trkyWinter has come with a vengeance and I’m already looking forward to this weekend where temps are predicted to be in the upper 40’s, what’s wrong with me. For our listeners in NY or just East of Buffalo I’m glad that the snow you’re getting isn’t falling on Chicago.  Short show today but a couple of articles are filled with stupidness, yes I know that’s not a real word but I feel it fits the context of what I’m going to cover today. Next week there will be no show. I’m headed to the snow frozen Northwoods of Wisconsin with my family and plan on enjoying it. From my family to yours, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Be back with a new show the first week of December. Oh and one more thing, if you’re looking for a new sweatshirt, consider this one. I know it’s a bit much for a sweatshirt but I make no money on any of the items over on our goodies store. Everything is marked up $5 if you can believe it and that same $5 goes back to the EESF. It’s a win win for everyone; they get $5, you have cool gear your coworkers will wish they had.


News/Article Links:
Adopting Building Transportation Codes
Mass. falling short on elevator safety
Grant to cover $200,000 in upgrades
Deciphering a 3D Edge Fault
Elevator contract OK’d
Seven injured in elevator accident in Turkey
Commuters’ anger over week of escalator repair chaos – Really?
Escalator Gitches at Fulton Subway
How about light curtains for animal doors at zoos?
People in stalled elevator sing to Aerosmith to stay calm
County turns down funding requests for elevator
EW Unplugged: Elevatorpedia
Swedish social experiment captures reaction to abuse
Philly elevators help with access
Chicago Elevator Association Holiday Party Set

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