Post: May 24th, 2006 - ERS-2006-5-24 #24 Show Notes

Click here to download ERS-2006-5-24 #24 Hi everyone! Lots of news stories in today's show. It's just under an hour which isn't to shabby. Make sure that if you haven't already, you've signed up for our E-newsletter. Next week is our prize pack giveaway extravaganza. Well maybe it isn't an extravaganza but it is a cool way to pick up some neat neat promotional items along with a FREE MP3 Player, recorder and USB Memory Stick. It's one little unit that does all three things. Have a great week everyone. See you next Wednesday.

Links:  NAESA Calendar, NAEC Calendar,   VTCCU Atlanta ,   EIG SC Events,   EAF Events,   CECA Events,   The Fixer...Toronto,   Women Falls Down Elevator Shaft, Be Proud Of Your Elevators, LCD Screens & Elevators, Elevator World's Project of The Year, Elevator Shafts To Nowhere, NASA Space Elevator Project,   Escalator In Down Direction, Elevator In SOHO Falls Five Floors,   Kill Attempted On Spy Chief,   Elevator Severs Mans Legs,   Escalators To Be a Rare Thing At Canadian Stations, YMCA Starts Building, Metro Elevator Etiquette, UK Elevator Position Opened, Space Elevator Italian Perspective,   Don't Do This At Work, E-Bay Stuff, enter elevator in search box along with the key word that I mentioned during the show.