Post: November 15th, 2006 - ERS-2006-11-15 #47 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2006-11-15 #47 Welcome to Elevator Escalator Safety Week! It's not too late to participate in the EESF Silent Auction that the EESF is holding during the NAEC Regional seminar! Please  Click here for the forms to do so.   Lot's of great news stories today everyone. One of them gets my blood boiling and I need your help in mounting a safety campaign about it. Listen on for more details. For those of you traveling next week for Thanksgiving, have a safe trip.

Links:   NAESA Calendar,   NAEC Calendar,  EIG SC Calendar,  CEA Calendar, EAF Calendar,  ECNY Calendar, Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation Celebrates Safety Week,  University Of Arkansas Promotes Elevator Safety, Sky Harbour Celebrates EESF Week, Singapore Escalator Accidents Common, University Senate Vetoes Elevator Safety Bill, Hospital Drops 1 Million Dollars Worth Of Equipment Down Elevator Shaft, Body Found In Elevator Ruled Foul Play, Sit In For Shut Ins Shaft By Elevator Repairs, Killer of Seven Night Club Dancers Sentenced To Death, 8 Injured On Escalator, More On Escalator Accident, 90% Of Accidents Can Be Prevented, Crocs Calls For Better Escalator Safety...What a Croc, 14 Breifly Stuck In Floridia Tech Elevator, Otis & ThyssenKrupp Get EA Fine, Firefighter Injured While Battling Elevator Fire, Freshman Survival 101: Elevators,  City Seeks Compensation For Escalator Accident, Elevator Safety Awareness, School Board To Reconsider Elevator Improvement, Life In An Elevator...Toronto, Apple UK To Get Glass Elevator, Elevator Upgrade Project At BART, Buttonless Blog, Every Day Jones...Outro Song,  EBay Stuff, enter elevator in search box along with the key word that I mentioned during the show.