Post: March 11th, 2009: ERS-2009-03-11 #150 Show Notes

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It's hard to believe that we're on show #150 already. In some ways it's like being married. Sometimes I tell my wife, wow, we've been married for 12 years and it feels like a lifetime....but in a good way! You got to throw that last comment in or else you're screwed!  It's been a lot of fun putting the show together and I appreciate all of your support!  With 53,648 downloads total over the last 149 shows I'm humbled by it all....I still think that no one is listening! I trick myself into thinking this so I don't have a panic attack every Wednesday.

On the show today I'll provide an update on the EESF Meeting that I attended last week and cover the news that I've found online this week. As always, thanks for tuning in to the show this week!

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