Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #385 - Week 01/07/15

Audio File Link: Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #385 - Week 01/07/15 Happy New Year! Unfortunately we’re starting 2015 on a sad note with the recent news of a 12 year old who was killed when he entered the shaft of a home elevator in Florida and was crushed to death. It’s truly frightening to imagine that his could even happen. It’s a tragic death which requires everyone's help in spreading the word regarding riding elevators and escalators safely and that they are neither toys, nor amusement rides. And while the details of the accident have not been released we encourage anyone with a home elevator to get it checked out by your local elevator company to ensure that it’s safe and the distance between the hallway doors and gate is minimized to prevent any child from accidentally getting wedged between the door and gate when the hallway door is closed. Visit http://homesafecampaign.com/ as well as http://www.eesf.org for more information regarding elevator and escalator safety. News/Article Links: 12 Year Old Boy Killed in home elevator accident Home Elevator Safety Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation Woman jumps to her death off mall escalator COP accidently shoots himself in elevator Escalator accident causes broken leg Turkish governor bans short elevator trips Congratulations EW Project of the Year Winners Dog survives choking, 30 foot fall after elevator accident Man critically injured in fall from over the side of an escalator $12M Invested in fifthly BART Escalators Cold air and dry rails One released in elevator crash accident in Istanbul KONE wins order for high-rise development We need more feedback like this regarding lawsuits