Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #404 - Week 07/15/15

Thumbs buttons I realized something last night while watching the ten o’clock news which I typically don’t tune into and that it really sucks. Each of the stories they covered lacked any depth or consistency in having a clear picture of what the story was about. It’s been awhile since I last the news and I remember why.  The way news is covered here in the USA is truly a disgrace and I have little respect for it. When ratings overrule common sense and sensationalism what’s the point. It had me thinking about this show and how it started and where it is today.  Maybe I’m tired, maybe it’s starting to sink in that the news I report on every week is already being delivered to your inbox each day so what’s the point. I guess this is a question I need to answer for myself is how this show can provide some different content that is worthy of your time each week. This is something I’m going to be working on as soon as I have some more free time. As always I appreciate all of you who watch, listen, provide feedback each week. I do believe that how we share the information and opinions makes a difference in making our industry a safer one. If you have any suggestions in improving the show I’d love to hear them.

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