Elevator Radio Show 527 – Week 3/27/2019


I was hoping it would be a show without covering any accidents, but this week is not the week to be.  In addition, you can ask your coworkers if they know what a “RIOT” button does in an elevator.  In Sacrament someone thought it would be a good idea to add them to some of their governmental elevators.  It’s also our Prize Pack Giveaway show which is my favorite of the month.  Special thanks to Colley Elevator and Codedataplate.com for providing $25 gift cards for it.  Work safe out there.  

Prize Pack Giveaway – Thanks To the Following Prize Pack Giveaway Donors!

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Show Notes:

Construction worker injured after falling down elevator shaft

Family wants change at airport

Old woman nears death in lift accident – China

Death of hotel worker in 2016 leads to $200k in fines

Transit crews work to improve elevator/escalator service MTA

The harsh reality when elevators are broken

Will Big Bang Theory finally fix its longest running problem?  

RIOT Buttons installed in elevator?

Judy Marks Leads Otis Elevator on a Tech-Fueled Quest for Growth

Evil of all evil – How is bail set for someone like this?