curved elevator spoke wheel

Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #345 - Week 09/18/2013

Click Here to download ERS-2013-09-18 #345 naec-2013-agendaWell the parts are ordered for my new computer and since they are coming from what seem to be a hundred different companies on Amazon I’m hoping to have my new machine working in a couple of weeks after Owen puts it together and get is set up.  All I can say is that he talked me into it after last week’s show snafu and the excitement on his face as he started talking about digital drives and terabyte do hickeys was enjoyable to watch. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. Next week is the NAEC Convention and I’m looking forward to it. Everyone have safe travels as you head to Tampa. If you get a chance, stop by booth 1029 and say hi.  Click here for a complete agenda.

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