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Elevator Radio Show 466 - Week 04/19/17

Hmmm.....man gets buttocks stuck in escalator.  Just another day in China. 

Hmmm.....man gets buttocks stuck in escalator.  Just another day in China. 

I’ll be attending the IAEC Conference next week in New Orleans and am looking forward to it and seeing many of you who listen to the show.  It’s always nice to get out on the road to realize how much is going on in our industry.   There won’t be a show next week most likely as these events are pretty packed with little time to do anything other conference activities.   Today’s show covers some truly concerning stories.  I honestly believe that if the media has gotten worse in how they cover articles and look forward to the day that ad revenue doesn’t drive the importance of being the “first” to break a story.  I’ll comment more on this during the show. 


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Elevator Radio Show 418 - Week 02/03/16

A terrible accident in NJ claimed another elevator mechanic as he died after falling down an elevator shaft. Today’s news program is dedicated to all the mechanics and helpers out there that put their life on the line to repair equipment. Your job is dangerous; you work on equipment that ranges in age from 1 to 100 years old. Practice safety each and every day so you go home to your family.  No job needs to be completed with such speed that safety measures are cut. Also recognize that most accidents occur where we feel most comfortable. Do you have a copy of the Elevator World Safety Handbook or have you considered mobilizing your safety program?