Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #355 - Week 01/08/14

Click Here to download ERS-2014-01-08 #355 ers-chi-pv-14Happy New Year every one!  I started to go through all the old shows for 2013 and after I got to March I realized that it was going to be tough to put a 2013 year in review show together based on all the articles I selected so instead I've got a show with current articles. This polar vortex is for the birds but if you think about we've been lucky for so long and heck it’s January for goodness sake so my not make the best of it. I bought a couple of sets of snow shoes and am going to head out this weekend to give them a try with my wife. So when life throws you a lemon, make lemonade out of it. I’ll report how it went next week how our snowy adventure went. New/Article Links: Polar Vortex Family of man killed in elevator sues resort New elevator to serve as exit for nightclub Technician jailed for taking upskirt video of woman on escalator Rare surgery salvages girls foot Ramp-elevator – interesting article Lou Bialy Retires from Otis US Elevator Video Patient crushed in elevator Patient died of heart failure, not from being crushed by elevator Don’t drink and ride escalators Don’t drink and drive or ride for that matter Contractors note growing interest in chair lifts, elevators Elevator for new annex may be too costly Urine Detectors installed in train station elevators Volunteers help after elevator breaks Elevator operator takes work to another level Escalator closed after accident A trick to get people to use escalators properly Symptoms of elevator rope shortening LOL! Claustrobphobia NYPD escalator tougher to maintain than crime lows 2013 Report on International Elevator Automation Halls Commons Equal housing complex without elevator Misconceptions regarding elevator traffic simulation Elevator Urine Detection Device