Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #387 - Week 01/21/15 - Sorry No Show

escalatorAll ready to go and what I thought I had fixed last week is not this morning as I started to record the show and nothing was recorded. It has to do with the Windows update that they are so great at pushing to all their computers in the middle of the night and my mixing board. I'll spend more time this week to get it figured out and apologize that there's no show today. I again share the show notes and will talk more about them next week. In addition to re-posting the accident link in last week’s show in Indiana a small child was hurt when he went over the side of an escalator. Support the mission of the EESF.org, at this point it's our best chance of getting the word out to parents about how elevators and escalators are not toys or amusement rides and how to ride them safely. News/Article Links: Mechanic killed in elevator accident Child in serious condition after fall from store escalator NEII® Regulatory and Legislative Agenda – The Insider CEA Meeting Feb 5th As elevator woes continue woman lifted to 3rd floor court room Smoking elevator equipment sets off fire alarms Otis Lifts Spain’s Elevator market Register for the NAEC Spring Conference Register for the EESF AGM Pretty cool VW Factory 2 teen girls seen trying to mug Brooklyn woman in elevator MEI/H&H Maxton Training Program What does the Elevator Chief do? Elevator Panel stolen from Russell Hall Elevator accident takes place at Bulgaria capital Escalator racing? Mitsubishi to expand development Kennedy couple returns to downtown hotel after 48 years Introducing the Elevator Geek MLK: Elevator Segregation