Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #396 - Week 04/08/15

Audio Link: Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #396 - Week 04/08/15 eesf150One fatality involving an elevator mechanic in Indiana and another injured in Texas have this week’s show one of the worst ones I’ve had to do in a while. In addition to these articles another one from NJ reported that an inspector also was injured after falling down an elevator shaft but the icing on the cake which made me sick was watching a little girl play at the top of a downward traveling escalator and being pulled over the side.  Parents, always watch your children at malls and anywhere for that matter. Never let them play around escalators or elevators they are not amusement rides. For the proper way to ride elevators and escalators visit the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation at www.eesf.org.

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