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Elevator Radio Show 523 – Week 2/27/2019


It’s one of those shows where there aren’t a lot of stories to cover but the ones I do and the thoughts I share should be ones everyone contemplates both in your office and out in the field.  We’re talking about liability, safety and at what point is it okay to fire a customer or lockout/tag out an elevator when you deem it to be unsafe or when elevator/building owners choose to ignore recommendations for upgrades/improvements and simply just want to spend as little money as possible on getting them back running again. 

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Elevator Radio Show 461 - Week 03/08/17

Leading this week’s show is a story of horrific proportion. Please support the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation www.eesf.org and their mission through their online and printed educational programs for kids.  In the last two weeks there have been accidents involving two children that most likely could have been prevented if both children and parents were aware of how to ride escalators safely. It’s not a feel good show today on any level.


Elevator Radio Show 452 - Week 12/28/2016

Elevator Radio Show 452 - Week 12/28/16

In what should be a quiet week there were too many serious accidents that needed to be covered on the show today unfortunately.  Let’s make sure that as we ring in the New Year we all commit to making sure that the equipment we maintain, install, manufacture and inspect is as safe as we can make it to ensure that everyone is safe working on riding on it.  Plan on supporting and registering for the 2017 Elevator Safety Summit as it’s the first of its kind in our industry!


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Elevator Radio Show 441 - Week 09/14/16

As the industry reels from the news of Bob Caporale passing, I’m certain that next week’s United Montreal Show will give many us the opportunity to share our own personal stories about Bob with each other.  So let’s spend next week remembering him and what he contributed to the elevator industry.  He touched many lives personally and I’m grateful to have called him my friend.  I’m looking forward to next week and as I do each year invite you to stop by the CJA booth, (1725) and say hi.  It’s always great to meet and talk with so many of you who listen to the show.  Those headed to Montreal next week, safe travels.  

Elevator Radio Show 436 - Week 8/3/2016

Elevator Radio Show 435 - Week 07/20/16

Visit www.safetyriders.org 

Visit www.safetyriders.org 

I wish I could say that it was a quiet week in news but it was far from that with too many accidents.  Be careful out there as temperatures rise which can lead to some significant fatigue and dehydration if you’re in the field.  Remember that heat can serious effect any elevator system especially with roof top machine rooms that are not climate controlled.  To balance the accidents the EESF has launched the new children’s Safe T Riders interactive website as a major tool in reaching kids and parents.  I’ll have more talk about this on an upcoming show.  There will be no show next week as I’ll be on vacation with my family. If you haven’t planned yours yet do so as soon as you can. 


Elevator Radio Show 415 - Week 12/16/15

Elevator Radio Show #408 - Week 10-7-15

The EESF Unveiled the newest characters who will fight for teaching the world how to ride elevators escalators and moving walkways safely. 

The EESF Unveiled the newest characters who will fight for teaching the world how to ride elevators escalators and moving walkways safely. 

Back from Boston and the NAEC Convention and had a great time. It was awesome to see everyone at the EESF New Character Reveal, the meetings and educational sessions and of course the convention itself.  I really appreciate those of you who stopped by to say hello and that you listened to the program.  Remember if you’re not getting the email show notes link it’s because you need to subscribe to the email newsletter list.  Also if you “like” our page on Facebook you’ll get notices as soon as articles and shows are posted. I’ll recap the NAEC Show and will get into the articles on the show with commentary shortly after.

Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #396 - Week 04/08/15

Audio Link: Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #396 - Week 04/08/15 eesf150One fatality involving an elevator mechanic in Indiana and another injured in Texas have this week’s show one of the worst ones I’ve had to do in a while. In addition to these articles another one from NJ reported that an inspector also was injured after falling down an elevator shaft but the icing on the cake which made me sick was watching a little girl play at the top of a downward traveling escalator and being pulled over the side.  Parents, always watch your children at malls and anywhere for that matter. Never let them play around escalators or elevators they are not amusement rides. For the proper way to ride elevators and escalators visit the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation at www.eesf.org.

News/Article Links: Mechanic found dead at bottom of elevator shaft Worker seriously injured in elevator accident Elevator inspector falls in elevator shaft Six year old falls to her death playing on escalator NEII® Announces New 2015 BOD & Trust Committee NFTA Escalator replacement limping along Firefighter’s free girl after coat gets caught in escalator Voters set $18.65 million budget, includes elevators Bethesda Metro station closed due to escalator problem New Schindler 5500 Machine Room-less Elevator Elevator Office NAESA Central Workshop This Week

Elevator Radio Show - Notes Only - Week 10/01/14

Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #344 - Week 09/11/2013

***Sorry but due to more technical issues, the show that I recorded did not encode correctly so there is no audio/video file.  Show Notes and Article Links Are Below*** wtc1September 11th, the day that changed the world and one the world will never forget. It’s a day of remembrance, for the innocent who lost their lives along with the brave men and women responding to the attacks. It was a day the world united in horror and tried to understand how such evil could exist in this world. Even today those feelings still are present as I remember that morning as the events unfolded. I’ve linked some articles relating to that day that you might want to read again. Thanks to Elevator Bob for the links to the original stories. It’s important that we never forget.

So slow down today, stop and smell the flowers or better yet, stop and pick up some flowers for someone close to you. Take a moment to be thankful for all that you have and the people who surround and love you. As our world gets faster and faster we cannot forget the events of 9/11 and how it united the world.

New/Article Links: 9/11 WTC – The Elevators Former Shrewsbury 9/11 Hero’s Tale ERRC Poker Run At The NAEC Convention WMATA Improved escalator availability in second quarter India elevator and escalator industry growing China: Officials call for improved elevator safety Fan falls, dies at 49er’s-Packers Game Another injured in separate incident None injured in Sansom elevator drop Elevator in Sansom Place ‘operated as designed’ Stuck in an elevator? Just wait for help! Appeals court upholds dismissal of lawsuit Huffington Post, what were you thinking? The rise and falls of the stadium escalator CEA September Meeting Update Replacing an elevator intercom Manhattan parking garage worker plunges down elevator shaft Catching up with Doug Penn State goes environmentally friendly with it’s hydros Elevator generators and lack of maintenance Recognize this curved elevator spoke wheel Tunnel construction for Toronto-York Spadina Subway nearing Westboro awards elevator contract Fans stuck in elevator after Browns game Accident in Australia Maxton Holds CET Training at TKE

Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #308 - Week 10/03/2012

Click Here to download ERS-2012-10-03 #308 I love October and Fall is one of my favourite seasons. I only wish the season and month were longer. Still not caught up on e-mails, or most of my work and am looking forward to when everything both settles down a little bit. The extra stuff at home, football and volleyball are both wearing me out.  Considering I woke up at 2:30 am this morning, I feel remarkably fresh, however passing out at 9:22 last night I believe helped a great deal. I was expecting an uneventful show but there were four that really make the show. One guy fell down an elevator shaft, an Ebay page was taken down after NYC officials learned elevator keys were being sold and a funny escalator article that just had me smiling this morning. Enjoy the program and thanks for checking it out.

News/Article Links: Man falls to death in Alaska Man survives Portland elevator shaft fall KONE selected for project in Vancouver Elevator dedication Very funny escalator article Dupont Circle station reopened Downward career path for elevator operators Fun ride on a famous elevator EW Unplugged: Supercar Elevator CEA Meeting Tomorrow NYC what took you so long to act? Elevator Keys on Ebay Escalator Video Elevator break down pain for seniors Watson Elevator Car Switch for Sale United Elevator Show: Part 2 NFTA tension goes down as escalator project gets thumbs up EIGSC’s Monthly Message - October

Post: January 18th, 2012: ERS-2012-01-18 #283 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2012-01-18 #283 I’m back after a short trip to Louisville, KY which I enjoyed a great deal. But it’s catch up time not only at work but on the show as well.  There are quite a few good articles on the program today as I cover two weeks worth of content. As Winter descends upon us here in the Midwest with our first snowfall of the year I’m looking forward to Spring and am counting the days. Thanks for tuning into the show today everyone.  Stay warm and be safe out there.


News/Article Links: Woman Dies when she rides elevator up to fire floor Chicago Officials deny old elevator for death of woman Fire death blamed on multiple items Preparing for the next fire Numerous problems with elevator where NY Woman died More on accident above Toddler found dangling in Dandenong lift shaft Broken Metro Elevator Blogger lashes out Scary elevator death could have been stopped Elevator repairman cut to pieces in Sharajah lift UK: Girl looses part of finger to escalator Giants Stadium escalator trial to resume Crockett Hotel Sued after fatal elevator accident ESCO Hydraulic Elevator Video EIGSC New President’s Message Old Elevator Dumbwaiter Escalator Meltdown in Midtown Escalator company settles, case proceeds against NJ SA Antique Haughton elevator car hand switch EW Unplugged Photo of the Week Delaware Traction elevator at Harrington Towers Man found in bottom of elevator shaft Why is this story covered online? Signs prove effective in prompting people to use stairs Elevator crippling Elevator costs raise councils ire Tenants fret after man falls to death in elevator shaft Interesting Ad MTA’s $57M Elevator Plan Makes Enemies State has $1 Million plan for overdue elevator safety inspections City reassures nervous workforce after elevator tragedy Remembering Dr. King

Elevator Repairman Falls to His Death - Elevator Safety!

The reality of the hazardous work that elevator mechanics are involved with every day is very serious and should not be taken lightly.  Not the kind of start to a work week that any of us want to read about make certain that you make safety your number one priority each and every day!  I sometimes talk directly with mechanics in my day job involving technical support and each and every time I end my conversation with, "Be Safe Out There"! Most of the time mechanics chuckle on the other end of the phone but I truly mean it. I think that in many cases they have become complacent with the work they do and used to the dangers. We all need to remember the first month we spent in the field. Being scared of heights, electricity, doing the wrong thing and holding on to dear life while riding up on top of the elevator. After reading the linked article you'll have a pit in your stomach and pray that something like this never happens to you or anyone of your mechanics. Some useful safety resources in case your not sure where to turn.

Safety Training For Mechanics, Supervisors, Managers - There's never enough training you can receive on workplace safety. Just because you've been trained once on a particular topic doesn't mean you'll remember it forever. Don't pass the buck on training, even if you feel it's some one else's responsibility.  It's all of our responsibility! Don't have time to set up a program? Contact Robert Krieger at Certified Conveyance Training Corporation.  Safety Training is what he specializes in and his technical background support this. Contact Bob and make safety training an ongoing priority each year in your company. http://www.cctc.name/

ElevatorBooks.com - Another great resource can be found at the ElevatorBooks.com website.  There are some great valuable resources there which should be used in conjunction with in person safety training by a professional instructor.  Elevator World has been promoting workplace safety as long as they've been publishing. If you haven't updated your safety material for your company lately make sure you do so today.

I learn much better when someone is teaching me and not by reading. Make safety a priority today and let's make sure accidents like this don't happen in the future.








Post: August 24th, 2011: ERS-2011-08-24 #266 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2011-08-24 #266 It’s hard to believe that it’s only two and a half weeks away from the NAEC Convention in New Orleans. Something about waiting until the last minute to finalize all the details get’s the excitement level up. I’m looking forward to it and to seeing many of you who are planning on attending. For those motorcycle/elevator enthusiasts out there, a new group has formed, Elevator Riders Riding Club to satisfy both of your interests. The best part about this club is that they ride to support the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation. They will be holding a 50/50 split the pot Poker Run at during the convention. More details in the link below.

News/Article Links: Elevator Riders Riding Club is Open Win Money 50/50 Poker Run NAEC Convention Fort Myers Courthouse Renovation starts Monday Museum founder wants to save ’64 Worlds Fair elevator Mall sued after child’s hand stuck in escalator Governor appoints Muskegon man to elevator safety board Space Elevator; won’t happen in 150 years Solder Slingin’ Elevator Motor Meet elevator accident survivor Virtual reality helps with phobias Beer delivery man injured in elevator fall Blown Rectifiers Kingdom Tower – Holy Crap! Metro Frustrations: Names and escalators Otis high rise elevators at Hyatt Regency CEA Golf Outing a Great Success Symptoms of bad motor room rectifiers Otis Hydro MRL? New Control Valve Cover from Maxton Giving back because it feels good! Fantasy of getting married in elevator 9/11 Brought Changes to Highrises Man falls into elevator shaft and dies TCHC Launches Class Action Lawsuit Steps taken over escalator safety Another over the side escalator fall leads to death Plastic Ties to fix elevators? What's your caption?

More On This One "Fall down elevator shaft kills man, 25, in Center City"

An Elevator Advocate wrote in and provided a bit more information on the accident that occurred in PA. Thanks  for sending the comments over. Complete article can be read via the link below. http://articles.philly.com/2011-06-05/news/29623438_1_elevator-shaft-elevator-car-washington-square-west


Comments From G.D.

As for the 25 yr. old man falling down an elevator shaft. It is my understanding the building was retail on the lower levels and a private residence on the 5th fl. The car travel from a secure lobby to the 5th fl. apartment which apparently had a party go on. Per the state the elevator was list as residence elevator which required no annual inspections.


If you are a residential elevator owner please consider having your elevator inspected once a year and maintained on a regular basis. While the code does not address these devices it's a good idea to have an elevator contractor come in and make sure that there are no safety issues with your equipment. As you can see, Residential Elevators only need be inspected once, when they are installed and that's it.  Can you imagine purchasing a new car and never having it looked at or maintained until it broke?

Also, perhaps this elevator should not have been classified as a residential elevator. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.  If there are more Elevator Advocates out there that can share more info as this case progresses I'd be happy to share and summarize it. Or if you'd like to add comments below feel free.

This was a terrible accident that could and should have been preventable.


Post: May 18th, 2011: ERS-2011-05-18 #254 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2011-05-18 #254 I thought that last week was a tough one.  The reality is that you need some tough days to make you appreciate the good ones is true. On today’s show I’ll give my perspective on last weeks Illinois Elevator Safety Board meeting and what I learned. It being the first one I attended I learned a lot.  Next week is our $100 giveaway so make sure you sign up for our e-newsletter to qualify to win. Hard to believe that June is fast approaching us. Before you know it we’ll be celebrating the 4th of July!

News/Article Links: Elevator shaft fall leaves man seriously hurt Thousands of elevators running with expired permits 2012 Space Elevator call for papers Prizes available for Space Elevator Council puts reins on capitol rail spending India escalator installation Driver in elevator shaft crash, “I was going down” City of Chicago Elevator Info Elevator Productions 2011 countdown Escalator snares child’s foot in D.C. Fire Fighters rescue trapped passengers KONE brings energy efficient escalator to U.S. Tragic shipboard elevator death report released Massachusetts escalator inspectors penalized Metro escalator repairs make commuters made NY residents want elevator fixed Bob Denniston retires from EW Board Ripley couple sues for elevator door injuries Survivor of elevator shaft fall looks for good Samaritan The return of Sandy the elevator operator Water shorts out apartment elevator Elevator inspection cartoon 13 rescued from elevator in Boston Inconvenient escalator Tiche-Goettinger Building Elevator Rediscovered Hyundai Elevator to launch double decker elevator Mowery breaks ground for new headquarters Tower Elevator Systems manufacturers custom VRC’s Cops Hunt Subway Attacker Supreme Court makes it harder for contractors to be convicted of fraud Radio City & CJA Fixtures 160 Elevator World Magazines for sale Will this happen to our industry next?

Post: April 27th, 2011: ERS-2011-04-27 #251 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2011-04-27 #251 Prize pack giveaway show today along with some great articles to cover a couple of which are shocking. Recording from our little podcasting factory from the Windy City, it’s again a week filled with rain. I appreciate the input many of you have given regarding items of concern and possible improvements for our industry. Keep them coming and never stop trying to make a difference. Together collectively we should be able to. I've got a few other soap box items to cover on the program today that I’m sure you’ll be interested in hearing. One is a code related item and the other is just pricing in general that came my way on purpose or perhaps not. I’ll let you be the judge on that.

Special thanks to the companies who have donated goodies to the prize pack giveaway!

Fujitec America, GAL, The National Association of Elevator Contractors, The National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, Peelle, C.J. Anderson, Truxes, EMS Group, Elevator Bob’s Elevator Pictures, Minnesota Elevator, ElevatorGear.com, ElevatorShack.com, ElevatorU.org, Elevator World Magazine, Elevator Cab Renovations, The Elevator Preservation Blog, ECS Corporation, Parts Specialists & Elevatormanstories.com

News/Article Links: Newspaper delivery man plunges down elevator shaft Attention Elevator Inspectors on East Coast! Cold blooded killer identified Fanta Elevator Commercial – Pretty Slick! Man killed on escalator at SF Transit station Victim identified in fatal fall on BART escalator Cause of death not known Old Tandy Computer – Congrats on 3 years Chris New legislation to enhance lift safety Ngu Hanh Son Mountain elevator gets green light Elevator Consultant Services RFP Ducks on escalator? UTC finds love in an elevator Links to Huffington Post NY entrapment video Elevator man held in sex case Four injured in high rise condo blaze Lawsuit over Bergen County Courthouse “widowmaker” elevator settles Love hate relationship with Metro escalators Most mall escalators lack full state inspections - MA Escalator safety review - Myfoxboston 5,000 Catalogs + 7 Pallets = CJA’s New Product Catalog! Hitachi lifts elevator, walkway production India and China, more elevators please! State budget takes spotlight TKE Elevator Brochures Why note eliminated Metro escalators? Elevator finally back in business at Peabody City Hall Woman robbed in Town Center Mall Garage elevator

Post: March 23rd, 2011: ERS-2011-03-23 #246

Click Here to download ERS-2011-03-23 #246

I was surprised by the number of elevator related news stories on the program today. I was truly expecting a much shorter show.  I was hoping not to cover any elevator accidents but there was one that I’ll cover on the program today.  I’ve got a few items in which I get up on the Soap Box and chat about and encourage your comments and offer this show as your means to get up on your Soap Box as well.  Next week is our prize pack giveaway and we’re giving away $100 along with some cool elevator goodies. While it’s the beginning of Spring here in the Midwest, it feels like winter.

News/Article Links: Green Elevator Initiatives I’d hate to have this guys job Boy’s family devastated as Escalator Case thrown out   Building caretaker found killed in elevator, suspects missing Deadly Lapse – Please feel free to respond here Elevator Radio Show Podcast on Youtube  - Thanks John Correction on 4 year old escalator death article Library elevator funds OK’d Man falls three stories down elevator shaft Mass. Escalator Inspections  - Youtube Version WPRI Original Version of Above Otis Elevator, Canberra moved quickly after earthquake Police seek man suspected of NY assaults Santa Anna College modernizes with holeless Modular Elevator Schindler wins national service agreement with Linc Group The New World: Elevator Movie The ThyssenKrupp Tour Work to shut down elevators at MBTA for a year Space Elevator by 2040 Deputy of the year helped save boy’s live End of an era….hats off to Mr. Coffee Escalator at Macy’s in Auburn Mall shut down after Sears accident Indy Airport to spend over $2.5M to fix flaws in new terminal service Metro capital spending plan focuses on the basics Metro holds public hearing on spending improvement funds MHS students raise elevator funds Old elevator cab info needed Otis employee 184, who are y0u? MN: House extends elevator fix timeline Elevator Operators “Hero’s” During Shirtwaist Fire

Video Link: http://blip.tv/file/get/Chicagotom31-TheElevatorRadioShowERS20110323246414.wmv

Post: January 13th, 2010: ERS-2010-01-13 #188 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2010-01-13 #188 Today’s show reminds me of the very first show we ever did, in terms of the number of stories I found.  It’s nice to have a shorter show today after last weeks technical issues. Also on the program we’ll talk about the calendar of events which we missed last week. Also on the show was a story hitting much closer to home here in the Midwest when a worker, not clear if it was an elevator mechanic or not, fell off some scaffolding in an elevator shaft, remember to be careful out there everyone! Thanks for joining me on the program today.

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