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Elevator Radio Show 509 – Week 7/25/2018

Visit www.eesf.org 

Visit www.eesf.org 

Riding escalators is safe, as long as you ride them the correct way.  The fine print is as follows for all the ambulance chasing attorneys out looking to purchase their next vacation home on the cape with a settlement relating to our industry,  I have no idea what the specifics are from any of the accidents shared in today’s show.  However based on my knowledge as a father and my job to keep my kids safe the information shared in those articles leads me to believe that in both cases the escalators were not being ridden safely.  Hands should be on the hand rails, feet should be away from the sides of an escalator.  As parents it’s our job to protect and teach our children the best way to survive in the world. If there was any money in suing parents for negligence I’m certain you’d see a huge new field of attorneys pursuing it.   

Elevator Radio Show 503 – Week 5/2/2018

BART's approach to keeping elevators drug and urine free with elevator attendants might just be what is needed to prevent both from happening. 

BART's approach to keeping elevators drug and urine free with elevator attendants might just be what is needed to prevent both from happening. 

Today’s show leads with what I think is a pretty good idea as it relates to the issues of elevators being used as bathrooms in Transit Systems in large metropolitan cities.  While the pilot program will prove whether it’s effective or not I give BART a lot of credit for giving it a try. The show is short and sweet today.

Elevator Radio Show 436 - Week 8/3/2016

Elevator Radio Show 434 - Week 07/13/16

I truly wish that fewer articles found online equaled a safer week in news but this week was far from that.  One article has me screaming at the top of my lungs another makes me want to throw up.  Will there be a day we see escalators no longer being used?  In other non vertical transportation news Comcast/Xfinity had a major phone system outage across the United States yesterday which affected huge areas of large metropolitan cities so if you couldn’t get through to a company or friend this is way. Also if you have kids you most likely are scratching your head about this “Pokemon Go” thing they are playing. 

Elevator Radio Show 427 - Week 04/27/16

I have some more some sad news to share as I learned Monday morning that Tom Jackson passed away. Tom was a good guy, volunteered his time for NAESA International, Chicago Elevator Association and also served on the City of Chicago’s elevator advisory committee.  I worked with Tom on a couple of committees and enjoyed his honesty and intent to make our industry a better one.  He was a selfless person and one who will be missed.


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Elevator Radio Show 420 - Week 02/17/16

There are at least three good articles that may end up changing the way elevator/escalator maintenance and repair is billed at as a federal lawsuit is launched due to an elevator being down in a senior housing facility. Another proposed law in Canada may require that buildings have at least one elevator working at all times which I believe is a great idea. The realities however to ensuring that this law is enforced and elevators do not go down for long periods of time will come at a price. Typically to the tenants and building owners as someone is going to have to pick up the tab for doing so.  The other news story which went viral was a video of what in some idiot who thought it might be a good idea to use an escalator as a slide. This is the perfect example of Darwinism in its finest and caught on video.

Elevator Radio Show 413 - Week 12/02/15

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and was able to recharge a little bit of the extended holiday break. I know I did and it felt good.  Good food, time with friends and family and no expectations for anything other than sitting down with each other and enjoying a great meal was the only thing on my mind all week.  Now it’s a mad dash to the year end and the Holiday’s that will soon be upon us. May your days and weeks leading up to them be as stress free as possible and remember to smile and relax.