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Elevator Radio Show 523 – Week 2/27/2019


It’s one of those shows where there aren’t a lot of stories to cover but the ones I do and the thoughts I share should be ones everyone contemplates both in your office and out in the field.  We’re talking about liability, safety and at what point is it okay to fire a customer or lockout/tag out an elevator when you deem it to be unsafe or when elevator/building owners choose to ignore recommendations for upgrades/improvements and simply just want to spend as little money as possible on getting them back running again. 

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Elevator Radio Show – Audio/Video #406 - Week 09/02/15


It's good to be back after a few weeks, I missed you guys and gals. I also appreciate all the emails I received of support from so many of you letting me know much you enjoy the show each week and that you've missed it. I heard from not only those of you in the US but in the UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Canada. Now that to me is pretty cool to know that the show reaches such a large audience worldwide. I'll talk a little more about what I've been up to which I hope will help set many of your minds at ease. We've got a $100 Visa Gift Card we're giving away today and have a ton of content to get through so grab a cup of joe or beverage of your choice and enjoy.

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Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #354 - Week 12/18/13

Click Here to download ERS-2013-12-18 #354 ers-snwmn Well it wouldn't be winter without cold and snow right? So enjoy since I know that much of the Midwest and Eastern States are now covered in a blanket of it. Look on the bright side, the winter solstice is this Saturday which means ever so slowly will we start to regain the warm effects of getting a little extra light and sun each and every day. Sorry to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere but your days are getting shorter. Shorter show today with at least three articles that will help you wake up when you read them. One of which includes accidents with residential elevators and the accident that happened in St. Louis that I have some interesting comments on. There will be no show next week so have a Merry Christmas but I will be back on the last day of 2013, to record one. I'll see if  I can get a year in review show together in the week and a half that I've got to do so.

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