Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #357 - Week 02/05/14

Click Here to download ERS-2014-02-05 #357 ers-snwdayHeck of a winter we’re having isn’t it? Between extreme cold weather and snow that comes every week I’m looking forward to attending the EESF Annual General Meeting next week in Atlanta, GA. I sure hope they don’t get any snow. After taking two weeks off I’m happy to be back.  Now let’s get the show on the road. News Article Links: CECA Convention Registration Site Open CEA Meeting Tomorrow Feb. 6th Camp Hill vets still awaiting elevator EIGSC Presidents Message – January 2014 Woman injured twice on same elevator? Woman strangled in escalator by scarf Escalators in the modern era Apartment building where 2 year old died had previous issues Seniors angry with broken elevator Anxin-China to Buy Elevator Safety Company Elevator insurance program launched in E. China NEII® Insider – What is government affairs Elevators stir up safety concerns Do’s and don’ts of tear outs What are your thoughts on urine detection devices Non Electric elevator video Ground hoist motor video Don’t try this at home folks Dormant escalator to come to life Boy loses 4 fingers in freak escalator mishap Woman who released alligator under escalator on crack One day an elevator might talk to you? Microsoft tests AI to figure out what floor you’re going to Old foot bridge accident waiting to happen Burglary suspect arrested after being stuck in elevator Downtown office building’s elevator work to cost $800,000 Man tumbles down escalator at at Pentagon City Mall Oxford Circus the worst offender for lengthy repair work Group calls for Bronx subway elevator to be restored after 30 years Porsche Tower with Car Elevators Planned In Miami How Otis tests the life of an elevator Escalators in the x-games? Historic Otis Elevator Video