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Elevator Radio Show 507 – Week 6/13/2018


This is the kind of show I truly wish I didn’t have to do. One filled with accident after accident. What ties closely with the idea that Bob Shepherd shared in the May issue of the Progress he was nice enough to let me re-post on June 9th but it really gets you thinking beyond the safety and toolbox talks. Read the article and think about how you can go beyond just “talking” about safety but actually living it. I’ll share more on this in my commentary during the show.   

Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #356 - Week 01/15/14

Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #348 - Week 11/06/2013

Click Here to download ERS-2013-11-06 #348 Good to be back finally after a long road that feels like eternity! Unfortunately, this week show has some pretty bad elevator accidents which I wish wasn’t the case which is a reminder to everyone out there that our industry is safe when those working on or around them are properly trained and the correct safety measures are taken. Thanks to everyone who emailed, called and sent goodies to me. I should be back on track for the rest of the year considering Doctors orders are to take it easy. Enjoy the show everyone, it’s good to be back.

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Elevator Radio Show - Video/Audio Show #310 - Week 10/24/2012

Post: October 19th, 2011: ERS-2011-10-19 #273 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2011-10-19 #273 We’ve got another accident to report on the show today involving another elevator mechanic up in Canada. I truly hope that the powers that be take safety as serious as possible when it comes to safety training for mechanics and technicians. It’s more than just the basics, it’s learning from experiences like this and being prepared for almost every kind of situation. Share this knowledge as it does nothing to assist those who are just learning.  Next week is our prize pack giveaway, make sure you get over and get your e-mail address added to our list to become eligible to win!

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Post: September 28th, 2011: ERS-2011-09-28 #270 Show Notes

Click Here to download ERS-2011-09-28 #270 As we head into this week of rain here in the Chicagoland it’s appropriate given the recent news of the death of one of our industry mechanics. In a horrific shaft fall that occurred last Friday in New York it is a reminder of just how dangerous the work we do is each day. That goes for all of us who work in the industry. Make safety a priority each and every day. Today is the last show of the month which means we’re giving away a prize pack giveaway and next week we will be announcing the winner of our caption contest.  I appreciate everyone tuning in today and checking out the show as well as all the support you’ve shared with me. Headed  into year six I feel as if it’s only the beginning of my adventure.

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Post: September 2nd, 2009: ERS-2009-09-02 #170 Show Notes

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We’re back on the air today as we have all our computer glitches fixed, I hope.  Anyway we have lots to cover on the show today, news for two weeks, a prize pack to giveaway plus we’ll cover the calendar of events. I appreciate everyone’s e-mails and comments making sure that everything was okay. I can assure you that they are. When things go smoothly all is good, when they don’t it’s like trying to get out of quick sand which I’m sure many of you can relate too. As always thanks to the company's and associations who have given goodies away for the prize pack giveaway. And thanks to all of you who continue to support our efforts here!   (Pictured is the August Prize Pack Giveaway, all the way from the Northwoods of Wisconsin)

Thanks to the following companies who have donated goodies to our end of the month prize pack! Fujitec America, GAL, The National Association of Elevator Contractors, The National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, COMPANY SRL, Peelle, C.J. Anderson, Truxes, EMS Group, Elevator Bob’s Elevator Pictures, Minnesota Elevator, ElevatorGear.com, ElevatorShack.com, ElevatorU.org & Elevator World Magazine.

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